6DNS System
6DNS System

The Smart Energy Cloud is a smart energy management platform and data center powered by the ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 international standard. The platform can organize public resources, provide data storage, enable real-time supervision, implement visualized management, conduct data analysis, control risks, and execute energy efficiency analysis. The platform utilizes IPv6, SDN, OpenStack, HTML5, big data, etc. with full play to the merits of the platform, navigates the barriers to development of conventional energy-conservation and low carbon industries, and enhances cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. It can monitor the alterations of the operation of energy-consuming equipment and explore the real and reliable data of energy production, transmission and consumption to serve the enterprises and households across the globe by means of big data analysis.


The smart energy cloud marks the important first step to initiate the internet of energy. The smart energy cloud, along with its sub-platforms and local platforms, will bridge the whole industrial chain:


Energy industry per se: The most outstanding effect of the platform is to plan the dispersed energy data as a whole and coordinate the data, to provided data support to industrial development, save energy and reduce emission by means of collectively comparing the data from all energy-related enterprises.


Energy conservation companies: The smart energy cloud can not only reduce the cost of development, construction and operation, but also make energy conservation more credible, less subject to conflicts, and maximize the profit through the professional real time data storage, analysis, visualization management, etc. by the third party.


User organization: The smart energy cloud can provide the cost-effective products and solutions, to enable traceable, monitored, and managed data of energy consumption to reduce cost and boost energy efficiency.


Government bodies and financial agencies: The smart energy cloud will break the status quo of the isolated information islets, grasp the data of the energy production and consumption, keep its record of transparent and true data to effectively supervise and regulate the data, and also it can provide more financial service.


In addition, the smart energy cloud exerts an outstanding influence over individuals. In the cloud, everyone can become an individual data entity, which can faster and more efficiently manage its own energy consumption and reduce expenditure without compromising more convenient and comfortable life.


Regarding society, the smart energy cloud, enables energy consumption monitoring, calculation and assessment, supports distributed energy and new energy transactions, and facilitates the carbon trade. It can be predicted that new generation of information communication technology well integrated into energy will create a huge amount of energy that will reshape human’s life.