SDN/NFV Planning Consultation
SDN/NFV Planning Consultation

The BII Group SDN business planning team is committed to helping clients with scheme planning and design in such fields as SDN network and SDN application. It follows the current technological development and keeps abreast of the maturity and application of the SDN/OpenFlow technologies of the mainstream products in the market. The company’s strong consulting team and rich experience in business planning can grasp the essence of SDN and provide feasible SDN business plans according to the situation of clients, whereupon providing them with valuable consultation services. 


Service scope

SDN technologies are emphasized in various fields like data centers, community networks and industrial networks. We can provide you with professional, comprehensive and detailed SDN consultation services:


1. SDN/OpenFlow environment deployment 

Provide clients with suggestions for deployment according to their demands on SDN network and SDN business

2. SDN/OpenFlow test

Help clients with the experiments and demonstration tests on SDN products, network and application, prevent their business from negative influence and promote the commercial deployment of SDN technologies

3. SDN application

Help clients understanding the SDN application development mode and provide supporting suggestions

4. SDN/OpenFlow solution 

Provide suggestions for SDN/OpenFlow solutions in a targeted way according to the situation of clients and help them improve business through SDN technologies


Our advantages 

BII has rich experience in SDN/OpenFlow testing and has a deep understanding of SDN/OpenFlow standards, technologies and relevant development. It serves world-level enterprises and the leading ones inChina, has rich experience in planning and implementation, and knows well about the business demands of clients. 


Through SDN business planning, we can make sure that the development direction of future internet is consistent with the strategies and operation objectives of clients. Moreover, we can effectively avoid unplanned or redundant investment in information technologies and reduce general investment risk.


User consultation case – the construction of the SDN testing platform

The SDN testing platform offers various testing tools, including data generators, SDN conformance testers, SDN function testers and SDN performance testers, which can be used in different SDN tests and certifications. Meanwhile, the platform provides many SDN-supporting devices, such as various open source/commercial switchboards, controllers and other network devices which support the OpenFlow protocol. This makes a good preparation for the intercommunity test. Additionally, it includes some SDN configuration management devices and OF configuration nodes, which can configure and manage SDN networks and devices as well as test configuration management protocols like the of-config protocol. Furthermore, the platform can present and demonstrate some SDN applications and solutions.