IPv6 Planning Consultation
IPv6 Planning Consultation

BII Group’s IPv6 business planning teams concentrate on helping the clients develop IPv6 Next Generation Internet, especially the scheme planning and design in fields like application and IPv6 transition. Oriented by the market and based on the urgent needs of domestic and foreign users for Next Generation Internet, BII develops a group of generic key technologies like the IPv4/IPv6 transition and intercommunity technology, the IPv6 and TD-LTE combination technology, the 6LowPan technology, the HTML5 technology, the IEEE 1888 technology and the IPv6-based network virtualization technology and create a large quantity of innovation achievements, such as Next Generation Internet core intellectual property right and prototype sample machines. It provides feasible IPv6 business plans according to the situation of clients so as to offer them valuable plans and consultation. 


IPv6 Testing and Certification Business Planning Consultation

 1. IPv6 business planning 

Include IPv6 address planning and management and IPv6 network design and demonstration 

 2. IPv6 transition technology demonstration and deployment

Through the combination with the existing networks of our clients, we design and demonstrate IPv6 transition solutions, help the clients deepen their understanding of key businesses and provide strategic suggestions for their future plans. 

 3. IPv6 testing and certification system

We help our clients establish experiment and demonstration systems of IPv6 products, network and application, prevent their businesses from negative influence and boost the smooth, stable and secure deployment of IPv6 businesses. 


IPv6 Smart Agriculture Planning Consultation

Based on IPv6, BII provides planning and consultation businesses related to smart agriculture. In smart agriculture, environment adjustment devices can automatically turn on and off according to the environmental parameters which are collected on the spot in real time, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, soil temperature and soil moisture. On the basis of client demands, it can offer scientific evidence for the automatic monitoring of agricultural ecological information and the automatic control and intellectualized management on devices at any time. At present, BII has began relevant cooperation with the Breeding Base of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Science, Heilongjiang Reclamation and Breeding Base, Shan’anxi Poplar Forest Agricultural Demonstraton Zone, andChangpingStrawberryGarden


Sensor Network and Video-monitoring Network Planning Consultation

In 2008, BII provided IPv6 planning consultation for Beijing Olympic Games and deployed IPv6-based sensor networks and video-monitoring networks which covered over 50 Olympic venues across the nation. After going through the ordeals of the Olympic Games, BII was awarded the title of “Leading Unit Scientific and Technological Olympics” by Beijing Organization Committee of Olympic Games (BOCOG) and Ministry of Science and Technology. This was the first time that the technologies of the Internet of Things had been applied into Olympic Games, so it was regarded as a milestone event across the world. 



IPv6 Smart Oilfield Planning Consultation 

BII has a whole set of IPv6 technology-based “smart oilfield” planning systems. To date, the systems have been deployed in PetroChina Huabei Oilfield Company to establish the largest informatized infrastructure in the petroleum industry. 



Through IPv6 business planning, we can ensure that the development direction of Next Generation Internet is consistent with the strategies and operation objectives of our clients, which can effectively avoid unplanned or redundant investment in information technologies and reduce the risk in overall investment.