ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 Open Platform
ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 Open Platform

The ISO/IEC/IEEE18880 Open Platform (open.ieee1888.org), which is developed by BII, is oriented for developers of ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880, and offers a free channel for them to learn about ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880, and develop extensions based on it.


Once released, the ISO/IEC/IEEE18880 Open Platform has become an official entrance for numerous developers to study ISO/IEC/IEEE18880, which will further promote industrial development of ISO/IEC/IEEE18880 international standard.



ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 Open Platform



For DEVELOPERS, it covers SDK (Software Development Kit) of various languages, middleware packages, base system set up, engineering norm, cloud service interface and instructions, which developers can download and make use of, thus providing fastest way for developers get to know ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880.

The platform also provides the users from the energy of internet industry with simulated verification services for gateway devices, storage products and application solutions. Moreover, it can offer a single user a complete simulated environment to develop  products with minimum capital and technical investment in the complete solutions of the industrial chain.




Why we need Open Platform? 

To provide an open service system of ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 standard, promoting the development of smart energy industry chain.


What's the function of Open Platform?

To provide complete SDK packages, verification service, and cloud service, so that developers can implement ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 to their projects quickly.


How can we improve it?

To create an open system, aggregate resources all-around, collaborate in R&D, to innovate in industrial cooperation



Ecosystem of ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 Open Platform


Through the construction of the ecosystem of ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 Open Platform, we can achieve good interaction of product ->verification->practice->cloud service, promoting extensive participation of ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 industry chain, thus accelerating the development of the internet of energy industry through win-win cooperation.