IPv6 Technical Standards
IPv6 Technical Standards

BII Group has always passionately participated in the making of international, national and industrial standards and promoted Technical Standard Strategy and Intellectual Property Right Strategy since its establishment. By December 2013, the number of IPv6 international and industrial standards initiated and collaboratively made by BII had researched 20, with about one hundred core application invention patents; therefore, BII plays an essential role in the innovation field of Chinese IPv6 Next Generation Internet. 


Industrial Standards

YD/T 2601-2013     Technical Requirements and Testing Methods of WEB Servers Which Support IPv6 Visit

YD/T 1453-2006     IPv6 Network Device Testing Method – Edge Routers Which Support IPv6

YD/T 1341-2005     IPv6 Basic Protocol & IPv6 Protocol

YD/T 1343-2005     IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol: IPv6-Based Neighbor Discovery Protocol

YD/T 1638-2007     Trans-Operator Technical Requirements on the Intercommunity between IPv4 Network and                                          IPv6 Network


National Standard

GB/T 29265.203-2012    IPv6 Ready Testing and Certification Core Protocol Standard


International Standards

 IPv6 Ready Testing and Certification Core Protocol Standard

 IPv6 Ready Testing and Certification DHCPv6 Protocol Standard

 IPv6Ready Testing and Certification IPsec Protocol Standard

 IPv6 Ready Testing and Certification SNMP Protocol Standard

 IPv6 Enabled Testing and Certification WWW Testing Norm

 IPv6 Ready Testing and Certification CE Router Technical Norm

 IPv6 Enabled Testing and Certification ISP Testing Norm