SDN/NFV Cooperation
SDN/NFV Cooperation

 The ONF authorizes the first international OpenFlow certification lab in the world



As a non-profit organization committed to accelerating SDN (Software Defined Network) technologies, Open Networking Foundation (ONF) announced that it authorized BII’s Global SDN Testing andCertificationCenterto provide OpenFlow testing and certification services across the world in August 2013. As the first international testing and certification lab authorized by the ONF beyond theUSA, the Center will cooperate with its partners to strive for the global commercialization of SDN and the OpenFlow protocol. BII, as a member of the ONF, will be responsible for promoting the deployment and commercialization of SDN and the OpenFlow protocol in Chinese operators, data centers, internet companies and large enterprises. 


Strategic cooperation with such labs as American InCNTRE and IOL



The Center undertakes strategic cooperation with testing labs like Amercian InCNTRE and IOL to jointly improve testing procedure, testing tools and technological development.


Spur the combination of SDN technologies and cloud platforms like OpenStack

As an open source project which aims to provide software for the construction and management of public and private cloud, OpenStack has over 130 enterprises and 1,350 developers in its community. BII has always maintained a good partnership with international organizations like OpenStack to boost the application of SDN technologies on cloud platforms like OpenStack. 


organize SDN PlugFest Test

In May 2014, the ONF will collaborate with the Center to hold the ONF Spring PlugFest Test. As the most influential SDN test in the world, the PlugFest will be spontaneously held inChinaand theUSA. This will also be the first time that the ONF PlugFest has been held in a country beyondAmerica.

ONF and BII Jointly Established Open SDN Promotion Center 

June 1, 2016, Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and BII signed a cooperation agreement in the field of Global SDNFV Technology Conference, to jointly set up Open SDN Promotion Center (OSPC), to jointly promote the development and establishment of China's Open Network Ecosystem. It is understood that their jointly established OSPC will launch SDN training and examination program of Chinese version. 


BII and ONOS Sign MOU to Boost the Development of SDN Controller

August 2016, Beijing Internet Institute (BII) and Open Networking Operating System (ONOS) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in the area of SDN controller. Upon the execution of the MOU, BII has become a member of ONOS officially in collaborator level. BII and ONOS will share research resources and related practical experience, develop the controllers, catalyze the maturity of the ONOS community and facilitate the development of SDN controllers. Concerning testing, BII will authorize ON.Lab to use the OFsuite testing tools to conduct the tests to ameliorate and improve the ONOS controller capabilities.