SDN/NFV Testing Service
SDN/NFV Testing Service

BII Group's Global SDN Certified Testing Center (www.sdnctc.com) has an independent testing environment, with which it can provide comprehensive services and consultation about the demonstration, certification, openness and trainings of SDN technologies as well as SDN solutions. As an independent third-party testing institution, it provides third-party SDN tests for various network/terminal devices, operators and enterprises. Moreover, it makes testing networking and testing use cases and undertakes tests according to the demands of clients and the ones on testing time; then, it makes detailed and complete testing reports to provide clients with evidence. 



As a third-party, neutral testing institution, BII's Global SDN Certified Testing Center provides the following technical services::

  • ONF OpenFlow switchboard conformance testing and certification

  • SDN conformance test

  • SDN multi-manufacturer intercommunity test

  • SDN function test

  • SDN performance test

  • SDN solution testing and certification

  • SDN third-party testing report

  • SDN technical center training


OpenFlow protocol conformance certification test


Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a non-profit international SDN authoritative organization which is committed to accelerating the development of SDN (software defined network). In July 2013, the ONF announced the establishment of the OpenFlow protocol conformance testing and certification project, thus providing the large number of network device manufacturers with the opportunity to demonstrate that their products meet the OpenFlow standards. 


At present, the ONF's conformance testing certificate is the highest-level one which shows whether devices meet the OpenFlow standards in the SDN market. Network hardware device manufacturers, such as switchboard, routers and network software manufacturers, can apply for the certificate. 


BII Global SDN Testing Center is a member of the ONF as well as the first global SDN/OpenFlow testing and certification center authorized by the ONF beyond the USA. It can provide the certification test on the conformance of the OpenFlow protocol. 



The content of certification and test

At present, the certification that can be applied for is the testing and certification for the conformance of the OpenFlow1.0 protocol of switchboards. Meanwhile, the testing and certification for the conformance of the OpenFlow1.3 protocol of switchboards is being made.

The OpenFlow1.0 certification and test is made according to the OpenFlow Switchboard Standard1.0.0(Error Correction v1.0.1). It includes 10 groups and 207 testing cases, 69 of which are optional. 


The OpenFlow1.0 certification and test can be divided into three modes:

    1.Complete Mode: all the 12 fields defined in the matching norm

    2. L3 Mode: the following fields which are defined in the matching norm: input port, ether type, source IP                        address, and target IP address

    3.  L2 Mode: the following fields defined in the matching norm: input port, source MAC address, target MAC                    address, ether type, and VLAN id


Certification Test Procedure


    1.  Become a member of the ONF and join the ONF testing and intercommunity work group

    2.  Develop products and have the right to attend the annual PlugFest intercommunity testing conference

    3.  Contact Global SDN Testing andCertificationCenterand sign the testing contact

    4.  Certification test

        1) Complete the application form

        2) Define bilaterally accepted product delivery plans and testing plans with the certification lab

        3) Take the test in the certification lab, and all certification test labs authorized by the ONF independently            provide testing services according to the testing protocols accepted by the ONF

    5. Obtain the certificate

       1) After the certification lab makes sure that the product meets the standards of the ONF OpenFlow protocol conformance test, the ONF grants the ONF OpenFlow conformance testing and certification certificate.

      2) The ONF adds the information about the product and the manufacturer on the website, provides Logo and grants the manufacturer the right to use it.