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Mentor System

To help new employees adjust themselves to their positions and evaluate their performance in the probation period, we appoint an excellent employee who has a strong sense of responsibility and outstanding business ability as a mentor for them. Department leaders can also serve as the mentor.

The mentor is supposed to arrange tasks for the new employees during the probation period, observe their performance and potentials, and evaluate their performance and abilities so as to decide whether they can become a regular employee or not. 


Probation Employee → Regular Employee

We have a complete tracking and feedback system to have a thorough understanding of the abilities and performance of new employees during the probation period, which provides an objective evidence for whether a new employee can become a regular one.

Flow chart of “Probation employee → Regular Employee”:



Career Development

We provide our staff two kinds of career development channels, a horizontal one and a vertical one. 

1. Horizontal career development means that an employee would work in different positions, without any change to his/her professional rank:


2. Vertical career development means that an employee would be promoted according to the professional rank system of the company: