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China Telecom's Official Website Obtained IPv6 Enabled WWW Logo Phase-2 Certification

Recently, the IPv6 Forum upgraded its IPv6 Enabled WWW Logo program to the Phase-2. Under the Phase-2 program, the website of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. (www.chinatelecom.com.cn) has successfully passed the test, and became the first website in China that is certificated so far under the program that established a demonstration effect for other websites to follow the IPv6-based upgrade.



IPv6 Enabled Logo certification, initiated by the IPv6 Forum, is an international IPv6 program for certification of Internet online services and infrastructure. It is mainly by detecting website domain name AAAA resolution, and website IPv6 connectivity and IPv6 HTTP request response to verify if a website supports the IPv6. Currently, more than 2600 websites in the world have passed the phase-1 certification. With the development of Internet, the contents on websites have become more and more complex. In order to adapt to the new development, the IPv6 Forum upgraded the program. The upgraded certification has stricter requirements on websites' IPv6 support. In addition to domain name resolution and network connectivity required under the Phase-1, it also includes websites’software testing, web content testing, security and stability testing and some other items. In addition, the Phase-2 certification also requires websites to continue to enable IPv6 services for a long time.


The success pass of the certification test of the IPv6 Enabled WWW Phase-2 Logo means that China Telecom's website has passed all test cases, its content fully supported the IPv6, and users can browse securely, smoothly and stably under the IPv6 network environment and use various functions. Subsequently, China Telecom obtained the internationally-accepted IPv6 Enabled Phase-2 Logo certificate issued by the IPv6 Forum with a worldwide unique certification number on it.


As a part of the BII-CFIEC that was founded in 2008, the Global IPv6 Testing Center is the earliest authorized IPv6 testing and certification laboratory of the IPv6 Forum, and is the initiator of the IPv6 Enabled Logo certification program. The Global IPv6 Testing Center has so far become a third-party IPv6 testing and certification organization that is with longest history, largest scale, and largest number of tests in the world. Since its establishment, the testing center has focused on formulation of industry standards, testing platform design, research and development in areas such as consistency, interoperability, automation, and performance. Also, it provides global third-party authoritative testing and certification services including IPv6 Ready, IPv6 Enabled, and IPv6 Education to accelerate global deployment of the IPv6.