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IPv6 Ready Logo Certificate- Awarding Ceremony Held, Large-Scale Deployment Turns out Overwhelming

On November 26, 2017, the Central Government Office and General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council the “Action Plan on Promoting the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)-based Network into Large-scale Use” (hereinafter referred to as the “IPv6 Action Plan”)”, which clearly stated the specific objectives and requirements for the large-scale deployment of the IPv6. The major manufacturers released a large number of IPv6-rich products and solutions that basically covered the original IPv4 products. As of May 2018, devices and systems, including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless devices, and security devices, passed the IPv6 Ready Logo test and certification, and received the global IPv6 Ready Logo granted by the global IPv6 test center.


On May 21, 2018, the "Global IPv6 Summit" was grandly unveiled at Hangzhou Baima Lake Jianguo Hotel. Nearly a thousand global industry elites gathered together to discuss the global balanced development of the NGI and discuss opportunities and challenges. In order to promote the deployment of large-scale IPv6 and improve the IPv6 support of the entire industry, under the witness of all on-site visitors, Latif Ladid, President of the IPv6 Forum, and Hiroshi Esaki, Director of ISOC and IPv6 Ready Logo Program Committee, issued the certificate of IPv6 Ready LogoPhase-2 for the products passed the IPv6 Ready Logo test. Representatives from New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd., Legendsec Information Technology Inc., Bluedon Information Security Technologies Co.,Ltd., AsiaInfo Technologies(Chengdu),Inc., SHENZHEN GONGJIN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD, Hangzhou Hanyang Technology Co. Ltd. came to stage to accept the certificate.


The Global IPv6 Testing Center launched the IPv6 Ready Logo test certification program in conjunction with the IPv6 Forum in 2008, and issued an IPv6 Ready Logo to devices that meet the test standards, indicating that the products can be universally applied to the global IPv6 NGI deployment and applications. It has now become an important measure of whether a product conforms to the IPv6 protocol specification, and it is also the most authoritative IPv6 support certificate in the world. With the gradual improvement of China's equipment access requirements and the upgrading of new mobile terminals and fixed terminals in the future, the IPv6 Ready Logo will play a more important role in promoting the Internet's evolution and health innovation and development and contribute to the strategic deployment of the Internet power.