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IPv6 Forum Will Establish Permanent Secretariat in China to Promote the Deployment of Next-Generation of Internet (NGI)

At the IPv6 Summit held in Hangzhou from May 21st to 22nd. IPv6 Forum, the most influential and wide-ranging IPv6 industry organization, signed a MOU with BII-CFIEC. The IPv6 Forum will establish a permanent secretariat in China, form a community in many aspects such as industrial upgrading and technical standards, and work together to globalize IPv6 public access, technological innovation, and personnel training to promote the deployment of the NGI.


Figure: IPv6 Forum signed MOU with BII-CFIEC


Latif Ladid, President of IPv6 Forum and Liu Dong, Director of BII-CFIEC attended the signing ceremony. Academician of the CAE Dai Hao, Academician of the CAE Yu Quan, Academician of the CAE Ding Wenhua, Academician of the CAS Yin Hao, National Information and Technology Commission Vice Chairman Zhou Hongren, member of standing committee of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Qi Xiaohu, member of the Standing Committee of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor Liu Desheng, director of the ZHEJIANG lab Zhu Shiqiang, and deputy director of the Binjiang District Zheng Di, jointly witnessed the occasion.


The IPv6 Forum was launched in Europe in 1999. The vision of the forum is to promote IPv6 from technology, market, deployment, and other aspects, increase the awareness of IPv6 in the entire industry and establish a new type of security-enhanced NGI so that people around the world can have the same access to knowledge and technology. The establishment of a permanent secretariat in China will establish a long-term international exchange and cooperation platform for Chinese enterprises to accelerate the development of global integration. In the future, both the China Future Internet Engineering Center and the Global IPv6 Forum will also cooperate in depth through the formulation of industry standards and the promotion of testing and certification technologies to accelerate the global deployment of the NGI.


After decades of development, China has the largest number of Internet users in the world and has a large number of outstanding Internet application innovations that have gained global recognition and attention. At present, the Internet industry has moved from extensive development to global competition and cooperation based on core technology R&D and basic research.


With the issuance of the“Action Plan on Promoting the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)-based Network into Large-scale Use” issued by the Central Government Office and General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council the at the end of 2017, China will build the world's largest IPv6 commercial application network in the future and support the all-round development of the society and economy. China will surely become one of the major leading forces in the global NGI.


Speaking of this signing, Liu Dong, director of the BII-CFIEC, said, “The China’s Internet has been booming in recent years, and China has played an increasingly important role in the global Internet. With the advent of era of the NGI and the Internet of Everything, China is bound to enter a new period of unimaginable high-speed development and seize this golden historical opportunity to move from large country with Internet access to an Internet power.