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6DNS System Makes its Official Debut to Boost the Scale Deployment of IPv6

The BII Group (www.biigroup.com) announced in Beijing the official launch of the upgraded solution of recursive service IPv6 “6DNS system” today. The system is an upgraded overall solution of DNS recursive service system for enterprises and operators, which is designed to get through the key link of IPv6 network and application to provide users with safe, reliable, swift and easy-to-operate recursive services and boost the full implementation of the Action Plan for Promoting Scale Deployment of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).


At present, the IPv4 addresses in the world have almost been allocated, the commercial use of IPv6 is speeding up, a large number of enterprises and operators in the world have been gradually upgraded to IPv6. All countries in the world have been clearly aware of the fact that IPv6 is not only a possible trend but an inevitable and only choice for the development of future Internet. At the same time, China has stepped up the development of IPv6 future Internet to a state-level strategic deployment with the introduction of IPv6 Action Plan, and IPv6 is imperative. However, IPv6 support on the DNS recursive system in the market is still not enough and difficult to operate, and the deployment cost is extremely high, causing great inconvenience to the enterprise upgrading.


To solve the actual needs of operators and enterprises, BII has officially launched the IPv6 upgrading solution to recursive service 6DNS system after system research and development and long-term practice verification. It helps operators and enterprises meet the challenges brought by IPv6 future Internet upgrading by making a “secure”, “swift” and “easy-to-operate” overall solution to enable them to use the IPv6 future Internet resources in a steady, secure and quick manner.


In terms of “security”, 6DNS system relies on the BII’s years of technical accumulation and professional experience first to ensure that the entire system is anti-hijacking. To use the 6DNS system can return to correct resolution result and prevent the man-in-the-middle from hijacking, tampering, attacking and filtering the global threatening domain name, providing users a green network environment.


In terms of “swiftness”, it is an excellent user experience of 6DNS system. Since most current DNS authoritative servers do not support IPv6 access, the existing dual stack network still borrows IPv4 DNS for resolution. Once the IPv4 network fails, it will affect IPv6 content access, so IPv6 users also need to rely on IPv4 networks and DNS. The 6DNS system does not affect the existing IPv4 network at all, and to supplement 6DNS to form a complete IPv6 network query access can ensure that the global IPv6 resources are accessible to the users. In addition, 6DNS uses load balancing and cache management technology to fully balance the load between servers to support high-capacity input, output and caching, and adopts multiple optimization techniques to greatly improve user query speed.


In terms of “easy-to-operate”, 6DNS system includes access control management, data statistics and domain name blacklist and other functions. The 6DNS system has a simple and clear Web management interface that can control the terminal access, set the blacklist of domains and make data statistics, including intuitively displaying the real-time data of 6DNS with graphics to provide the administrator with valuable information, following the principles of simpleness and swiftness in real sense.


President of BII Group Liu Dong said, “Before the official release of 6DNS system, we have already cooperated with more than 40 organizations in IPv6 DNS such as Renmin University of China, Nanjing University, Henan Education and Research Computer Network and Shanghai University, and deployed the 6DNS system according to the characteristics of users and network environment in different organizations to provide millions of IPv6 users with services. We also hope to work with partners in the industry to jointly drive the global IPv6 development.”


As the only state-level engineering research center in the field of China’s future Internet, BII has always been focusing on the research on the fundamental key technologies and applications for the industrial development of DNS root server and IPv6 future Internet to build the “Internet Base Technology Public Service Platform” and promote global Internet connectivity. In addition, public DNS: 240c::6666 of IPv6 was also released together with 6DNS system this time, which is designed to provide free public DNS services with excellent performance to enable the IPv6 network users to have access to safe, stable, high-speed and intelligent Internet experience.