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GNTC Global Network Technology Conference 2017 Opening in Beijing

On November 28, 2017, “GNTC Global Network Technology Conference 2017” organized by BII -CFIEC prepared a grand opening in Beijing. As one of the world’s largest grand gatherings of network technology, GNTC focused on network reconstruction, Internet infrastructure, SDN, NFV, IPv6, 5G, NB-IoT, network security, cloud and data center, edge network, edge computing and new generation network-related technical hot issues, and held two plenary lectures, one roundtable forum, eight technology summits and several Workshops, presenting more than 2,000 audience on the spot a splendid network technology feast.



Photo: Site of 2017 GNTC Global Network Technology Conference


The digital economy has become the core strength of a new round of global industrial transformation and it is deeply affecting every aspect of social development. Meanwhile, the era of Internet of Everything comes with higher speed with the fundamental change in the demand for the connection of “human beings” to “things”. However, many problems have been found with the increasing number of network users, the rapid expansion of application fields, insufficient flexibility of the existing network architecture, difficulty in new business development, outdated infrastructure and network security.


To cope with the disadvantages of the current network, innovative technologies such as IPv6, SDN, NFV, 5G and edge computing have emerged at the right moment as a new vitality to the network, contributing unprecedented strength to building a softer, cloudized, functionally virtualized and hardware-unitized new generation network. In addition, the network technology is moving toward a turning point of updating development and the network will be redefined.



Network is redefined to boost network reconstruction in the name of technology


In the tide of global network transformation, actions have been taken in succession along the industry chain and parties of the industry are moving ahead hand in hand. After 120 speeches in three days of the GNTC, many innovative technologies continue to break through, and the vertical industry solutions emerge in endlessly. In addition, global operators, solution and equipment providers and large enterprises are making great efforts to deploy their own new network solutions, and actively participate in open source development and standardization of related technologies, boosting network transformation in the name of technology.


When it comes to the development trends of new generation network, many experts including Stanford Professor Nick McKeown and VP of Linux foundation Phil Robb mentioned open source and technological innovation in their speeches. The development of network technology has never stopped innovation, and the future network will also constantly upgrade and transform with the development of cloud, SDN, 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies.


Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of H3C Group You Xuejun said when speaking of the network reform, “The future network will move toward software-oriented, intelligent and scenarized development. Software definition will be ubiquitous and will accelerate the evolution toward intelligent network, and the era of intelligent network will come”.



With the comprehensive promotion of IPv6, the Internet Infrastructure Forum (IIF) issues a global initiative


The Internet with rapid growth carries the people’s increasing expectations, while the sustainable evolution of the Internet infrastructure has become more and more important. To further promote the upgrading and updating of the Internet infrastructure, the “Internet Infrastructure Forum (IIF)” was officially launched at the GNTC site with the aim of providing the Internet community with a larger innovative platform to contribute to the development of new generation applications. It is understood that the Forum will carry out its work successively with its first step focusing on driving IPv6 and DNS, and will pay special attention to promoting the connectivity development of global network infrastructure.



Photo: Opening Ceremony of Internet Infrastructure Forum (IIF)


Liu Dong, Director of BII-CFIEC, expressed, “The emerging network technology is fundamental for the development of Internet infrastructure It’s just two days since the Action Plan for Promoting the Scale Deployment of the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) issued by the General Office of the Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council, undoubtedly giving confidence to the Internet industry. In addition, the widespread application of the new generation network technology will give birth to a greater era.”


Academician Wu Hequan also said on the spot, “The Chinese government has clearly specified the strategy and goals for the development of IPv6 as well as the schedule, takes multiple measures and makes use of industry-university-research cooperation to jointly promote the comprehensive deployment of IPv6. It also guides the development toward industrial Internet and promotes the deep integration of the Internet and entity economy, opening up a bigger market for the development of the Internet. In addition, it shall seize the opportunities for the development of information technology, meet the development needs of an intelligent society, strengthen innovation-driven development and develop the digital economy.”


Under the dual drive of market and technology, new technologies, architectures and networks are rapidly forming a new generation network, which is characterized by software, network cloud and virtualization. In this context, the GNTC Global Network Technology Conference will be devoted to building a network technology communication platform, bringing together global network technology authoritative organizations, Internet enterprises, manufacturers and application organizations and seizing the core of industry and technology to create a more benign ecological environment, contributing to the development and innovation of the global network.