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The World’s Top Experts Kick Off for Internet Infrastructure Forum (IIF)

During Global Network Technology Conference at Beijing on Nov 28th morning, several world’s top Internet experts kick off for Internet Infrastructure Forum (IIF) together, announcing the launch of IIF which is initiated by BII-CFIEC. Meanwhile, experts including Dr. Vinton Cerf proactively speak for the sustainable development of Internet infrastructure during the forum meeting in the afternoon.



The participants of IIF kick off include Wu Hequan (Academician of CAE, Director of ISC),Dr. Paul Mockapetris (Inventor of DNS, Internet Hall of Fame), Dr. Paul Vixie (Inventor of ISC, Internet Hall of Fame), Professor Kilnam Chon (Father of Korea Internet, Internet Hall of Fame), representative of Professor Jun Murai (Founder of WIDE, Internet Hall of Fame), Professor Nick McKeown (Pionner of SDN, Professor of Stanford University), Mr. Phil Robb (Operation VP of Linux Foundation), Dr. Dan Pitt (Senior VP of MEF), Latif Ladid (Global IPv6 Forum President) and Mr. Liu Dong (President of BII-CFIEC). The forum will focus on the advocacy of IPv6 and DNS as the first step, and carry out in all levels to bolster the connectivity of Internet Infrastructure worldwide.


Dr. Vinton Cerf, Father of Internet, who has been known as the evangelist of IPv6 for decades, prepares a video talk to encourage Internet industry to collectively implement IPv6 for the global good. Other speakers also talk about how emerging network technologies guarantee the development of Internet infrastructure, technologies that include but not limited to IPv6, DNS, access technologies, security and privacy, and so forth.


Mr. Liu Dong, President of BII-CFIEC, advocates prospectively for the sustainable development of Internet infrastructure, and emphasizes that Internet Infrastructure Forum could serve an important role of bolstering innovation and connectivity in the Internet’s infrastructure, worldwide. The sustainable development and evolution of Internet infrastructure is essential to the global cyberspace and digital economy, and IIF will provide a larger scale of innovation platform for the Internet community with more opportunity to contribute to new applications that it enables.


In the future, IIF will represent interests of the industry, developing and sharing best business practices that emerging network technologies implement in support of the need of Internet community to the public, so that they can weigh its outcomes for the digital economy. The forum would also serve as a multistakeholder platform for diverse and innovative players from across the Internet infrastructure industry, academic and user communities to better communicate, and advocate the development of Internet infrastructure for the global good.