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2017 Global SDNFV Tech Conference Held in Beijing with Practices and Deployment throughout

The 2017 Global SDNFV Tech Conference was successfully held in Presidential Hotel between August 2nd and 3rd 2017, where nearly 800 guests including the experts from ONF, MEF, OPNFV, P4, ONAP, CCSA and other open source and standardization organizations, techies from carriers both at home and abroad, cloud data centers and dotcoms and representatives from vendors discussed the SDN/NFV practices and deployment. 


SDN/NFV came into being against the background of automation and smart-orientation, the integration between the two can help users optimize network resources and improve the swiftness of networks. Driven by IT revolution, the data era, cloud computing, etc. SDN/NFV has gradually been implemented and practiced in the commercial deployment, through ten-year development. Almost all the mainstream carriers worldwide are researching and deploying SDN and NFV, to provide more flexible and better service at further lower cost. Most speakers at this conference presented their latest plans and practices. The cyber technological innovation also drives the cyber eco-system more open and more vibrant. 

As Mr. Liu Dong, Chairman of Organizing Committee, Director of CFIEC said: several years before, the whole industry was discussing how far it would be to practically implement SDN and NFV. But today, in view of all the keynote speeches, practice and deployment have become key words, and many solutions with SDN and NFV at its core have been practically adopted and applied in some fields and true scenarios. Global carriers and large enterprises are striving to deploy their own new networks and actively participating relevant technological open source R&D and standardization. 

Indeed, over several years development, SDN and NFV are not only a trend, but many solutions represented by SDN/NFV are now blooming. At this conference, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, British Telecom, Telefonica, NTT DOCOMO and many other famous carriers and experts from cloud data centers, dotcoms, major vendors and solution providers attended this conference where they fully demonstrated SDN/NFV technical practice and application. The conference also used the 1+1 mode of joint sharing, by which it invited vendors, solution providers and the carriers in partnership with them to hold discussions to show the progress of deployment. H3C, Huawei, Ruijie and Ixia used different forms to demonstrate the practice and deployment to the audience and let the audience get closer understanding of the practices and deployment of SDN/NFV. 

On top of the main conference, the three mini summits across the two-day session had also attracted intensive and broad attention. On 2nd August, the ONOS Mini Summit and CORD Mini Summit have been held in cooperation with ONF where the technology experts from worldwide focused on two major industrial burning issues with the latest development progress, latest application and future potential and value. The last Mini Summit on 3rd was held in conjunction with SDNCTC to draw a summary of the freshly-held 2017 SDNFV Fest testing event with China CORD Industrial Alliance. 

2017 marks the sixth year for the SDNFV Conference. As the earliest SDNFV event in China, it keeps abreast with the times with focus on burning issues and dig deep into WAN, data centers, mobile networks, LAN, park networks and IoT to feast the audience with technologies and viewpoints. Turbo-charged by the market and technologies, SDN, Network cloud orientation, virtualization and other trends have become increasingly clear. SDNFV technologies will surely wave up more disruptive development in more scenarios and fields and usher in the golden age.