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SDN/NFV Solutions Custom Testing Served by BII-SDNCTC

SDNCTC officially launched its SDN/NFV solution custom testing service. As one of the key links through the industrial chain and innovation chain, the third party neutral testing and certificating is of critical importance to establishing a consummate industrial ecosystem. The inception of the SDN/NFV solution certificating program not only can test all-in solutions to boost the implementation efficiency, but also can objectively and comprehensively demonstrate the capability of commercial deployment to the industry. 

SDN/NFV has been around for over ten years, and recently the cases of application keep emerging, with fast development of technology and industry. With the SDN/NFV technology as the core, the network restructuring has become the zeitgeist of the network infrastructure upgrading. Network software orientation, virtualization, smart orientation and openness will soon truly arrive. At present, SDN/NFV technology has entered the practical development phase, but it still suffer discrepant standards, immaturity of the plans for network upgrading, deficiency of operational maintenance, etc. In front of the various and cropping-up SDN/NFV scenario-based solutions, the third party neutral lab testing and certificating appear to be important. 

The SDN/NFV solutions certificating program launched this time on the one hand satisfies the urgent need from the enterprises for testing, and on the other hand, provides reliable evidence from a third party to the procurement party. Through relevant testing, SDN/NFV application and industrialization in current networks have been accelerated and the capability and level of service for the network infrastructure have been improved. 

At the 2017 Global SDNFV Conference, the SDNCTC issued the testing reports respectively for the H3C ADDC 2.0 Solution, the Ruijie DC-Cloud Solution and the VCMY SD-WAN Solution. On the basis of previously testing the functionality, usability and over ten other features, the features and capability for deployment of the test products have been successfully demonstrated. 

Director of SDNCTC, Li Zhen says: “It is our consistent testing principle to stay neutral, just, strict and efficient. In the future, we will provide comprehensive testing and certificating service to more carriers and enterprises, build good platforms for testing and certificating and actively boost the customized solutions to better serve the need of the customers. 

As a third party neutral SDN/NFV technology testing and innovating platform, the SDNCTC complies with the ISO/IEC17025 management system and passed the CNAS certification. It is dedicated to the research and development, testing and certificating and deployment and promotion of SDN/NFV technology. It provides service of neutral testing and certificating to the whole world. 

The SDNCTC has accumulated a lot of experience through the cooperation with open source and standardization organizations, including ONF, ETSI, IETF and OPNFV over the years. In addition, the testing center holds annually plugfest to help users accelerate the product maturity. SDNCTC provides independent, objective and authoritative third party testing and consulting service to ICT users and vendors. The reports issued by the center has been widely recognized in the community of SDN/NFV, which can help enterprises make educated technical decision and enhance the confidence in sales. 

For more information on SND/NFV certificating program, please visit the official website of the SDNCTC www.sdnctc.com.