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Grand Opening of Global Network Technology Conference

New Technology· New Architecture· New Network Leading the Future

The Global Network Technology Conference (GNTC) hosted by the China Future Internet Engineering Center had a grand opening in Beijing on Dec 7th, 2016. Focusing on the theme of "New Technology, New Architecture, New Network ", around one hundred leading experts in this industry shared advanced technology speeches and discussed the development trend of global network through various forms such as keynote speech, round table talk, exhibition, presentations and so on. A generational transition, open and integrated revolution wave of network transformation is around the corner, which will have an impact on all aspects of industrial chain and bring incredibly new opportunities and challenges to the global network.

The Global Network Technology Conference attracted the intense attention of the industry, and the conference site enjoyed the extremely warm atmosphere. According to Zhang Xudong, deputy director of the China Future Internet Engineering Center, the online registered audience of the conference exceeded 2000 people, covering the heads of the global organizations, top experts in the field of network, representatives of mainstream operators at home and abroad, renowned Internet companies, advanced equipment firms, authoritative media representatives and other industrial elites from each link of industrial chains. During the three-day conference, as witness and participant, all attendees facilitated the development of the industry through the collision of ideas and exploration of technology in a practical way, and witness the technological revolution sweeping the whole world.


New Technology Emerging Without End  Promotes Development Iteration Of Internet

"Currently, cyberspace has become a major national strategic need, mastering the core technology of the Internet is the key to solve the problem of cyber security." Wu Jianping, an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in his speech. In fact, with the rapid development of the network, the early network architecture is confronted with many aspects of severe challenges including scalability, flexibility, mobility and security, which created the urgent demand for reliable network system with higher compatibility. New demand brings new technology. IPv6, SDN, NFV, 5G, NB-IoT, cloud computing and other more and more innovative technologies bring new vitality for the network, at the same time make unprecedented contributions to the improvements of commercial production and quality of life.

Segment network technologies in each field flourish, but at the same time, the development of all technologies is associated with fusion and innovation. Similarly, both Vice President of Network Strategy, the Linux Foundation, Marc Cohn and ON.Lab VP of Engineering William Snow mentioned two keywords in their speeches: opening and fusion. Marc Cohn believes that Open Source and Open Standards will contribute to network reconfiguration. Vitality, environment of Open Source, Open Standards has brought the unprecedented speed development iterations for the network. This GNTC also set up six technical direction summits particularly, inviting nearly one hundred top industry experts and scholars to explore related hot spots by fields, motivating thinking collision in technology.

The New Structure Urgently Need to be Established  All Parties in the Industry Cooperate Together

With the rapid growth, the Internet carries people's higher and higher expectations, therefore, building a new network architecture system is imminent. Global telecommunications industry, meanwhile, is standing at the crossroads of transformation, the traditional operator is in urgent need of constructing "high efficiency, high speed and intelligent" network to cope with the explosive growth of traffic, and upstream and downstream Internet companies of the industrial chain are also expecting that the new network architecture can bring more business opportunities. The development of high new peak technology is an essential part on the road of network reconfiguration. The reconstruction of network architecture more depends on the cooperation among all sides of the industry.

On Dec 9th, the conference was held on the theme of "global network transformation" --the most urgent theme of current growth of network technology. Operators are the backbones for driving the reconfiguration of network architecture, while overseas operators pioneered, AT&T, NTT DOCOMO, and BT launched their network reconfiguration plans. At the same time, the three domestic operators weren't so far behind. Before, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom published white books to describe their ideal world of network reconfiguration respectively. All representatives of manufacturers and application units will attend the conference and gather together to share their plans and progress on network reconfiguration, and to discuss the significance, the feasibility of the theme as well as how to cooperate to achieve worldwide network architecture transformation.

New Network is Getting Started  Future Network Shows Boundless Vitality

Never stop thinking of the future, and never stop pursuing new network. An Internet vigorously develops meets with a group of the explorers of a new world in human's faith imagination of pursuing of the sustainable development, which is surging brilliant new look, and the new architecture will certainly bring satisfied new network blueprint.

The Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Hequan has proposed "big broadband, big connection, intelligence, software definition" four development trends of the communication network technology, and the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Jianping, his consideration of China's future Internet has also been promoting the development of Chinese Internet industry, a real world that everything connected to each other will come into being from the network. Network development brings many unprecedented opportunities; it not only brings new business opportunities for the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry chain, and promotes the commercial launch and industrial deployment of technology, but also changes the users' existing ways of life fundamentally and leads us to a better network world.

In addition to theme speech and roundtable forum, this Conference specially set up two Workshop, which adopted a refreshing way to enable the attendees to communicate closely. The P4 Workshop on the morning of Dec 8th was jointly organized by P4 and Barefoot, mainly invited representatives sharing their ideas and experiences on the application of P4 in their product fields. In the afternoon of 8th, the CORD Workshop jointly organized by ON.Lab and China Unicom would be open officially with "China Unicom CORD Alliance Signing Ceremony," which analyzed the development prospect of CORD technology from three professional fields including E-CORD, M-CORD, R-CORD.

The noteworthy special event is that recently another large mount of leading equipment enterprises respectively passed the test certification program of IPv6 Ready Phase-2 charged by the global IPv6 testing center and the certification program of ONF OpenFlow v1.3 charged by Global SDN Certified Testing Center. In the IPv6 Summit and SDN Summit of this conference, the award ceremony of IPv6 Ready certification and OpenFlow certification has to be held.

This GNTC gathering authoritative organizations of global network technology, Internet companies and experts from manufacturers and application units, is bound to grasp the core of industry and technology and lead the development tendency of the global network in the future.