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ONOS Performance Test Report Issued by Global SDN Certified Testing Center

Software Defined Network (SDN), with its great advantage of isolating data plane from control plane, has become a focus in recent years, but more and more companies and operators find in practice that, the performance status of SDN control plane becomes a key constraining SDN commercial deployment and applications. Recently, BII - Global SDN Certified Testing Center (SDNCTC, www.sdnctc.com/en), after releasing RYU Controller Performance Test Report, OpenDaylight Controller Performance Test Report, again released ONOS Controller Performance Test Report, it tested a number of performance indicators of the mainstream open source controller ONOS and the test results are subject to rendering visualization in the report.




This test is carried out specifically for ONOS (standalone mode and cluster mode) southbound OpenFlow performance, including control channel capacity test, topology discovery time test, PACKET OUT rate test, FLOW MOD sending rate test, end-to-end link establishment time test and role election time test. Standalone mode means to test one ONOS controller, while cluster mode means to test multiple ONOS controllers.


It is found during testing that, regarding the ONOS FLOW MOD sending rate test, the performance gap between standalone mode and cluster mode is very obvious; In addition, there will be obvious performance reduction when a large number of switches coupled with topology discovery time under complex network topology and end-to-end link establishment time, detailed test data can be found in the original report. With clear and detailed data and charts, the entire "ONOS Controller Performance Test Report" shows the complete test results in a scientific and comprehensive manner, providing reliable data support for SDN network performance assessment testing and commercial deployment for users.


Supported by OFsuite_Performance test tool, which is one of OFsuite series test tools independently developed by BII-SDNCTC and intended for performance test of OpenFlow controller. It can simulate different network topologies and all OpenFlow events and effectively balance the controller’s handling capacity of OpenFlow messages. This test automatically generates data graph and performance test report.

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Up to now, BII - SDNCTC has completed testing of RYU, OpenDaylight, ONOS and other mainstream open source controllers and issued corresponding test reports, the director of SDNCTC Li Zhen said in an interview: "In the previous SDNFV Fest testing activity, we found that there are significant differences between performance test results of controllers provided by different vendors, the Global SDN Certified Testing Center has begun to provide performance testing services for commercial-grade controllers, to meet more customized testing requirements, assist applying enterprises to improve controller performance, break through technology bottlenecks, promote in-depth SDN commercial deployment. "


Please click http://www.sdnctc.com/public/download/ONOS_E.pdf for full report. Acquiring more SDN controller test reports, please visit www.sdnctc.com