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SDNFV Global Tech Conference held in Beijing - Technical Landing, Commercial Deployment in Full Swing


June 1 - 2, 2016, with the support of China SDN Commission, ONF, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, ONOS, grand opening of "2016 SDNFV Global Tech Conference" co-sponsored by Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute (FNII) and BII Group was held in Presidential hotel in Beijing. The conference brought together leading experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ONF, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, ONOS, Linux Foundation and other authoritative organizations, and representatives of scientific research from domestic and overseas research operators, cloud data center, Internet companies and other application units, as well as nearly 50 guests from major equipment manufacturers and nearly a thousand spectators, discussion on SDN / NFV practice and deployment was carried out, and through a variety of show forms, displayed the latest deployment status and development direction of SDN / NFV technology in professional, three-dimensional, vivid manner, boosted its further in-depth development.




Although SDN and NFV are different in the technical concept, they have strong complementarity, SDN can bring more flexibility to the network, and NFV can better adapt to the virtual environment, saving a lot of hardware costs. SDN and NFV can work together to provide the best solutions, and mutual integration of the two kinds of solutions and concepts is bound to form larger value. With SDN / NFV technology truly develop toward commercial deployment, focus of the conference also focused on technology practice and deployment, executive director of the China Institute of Communications Zhao Huiling stressed in her speech that, in 2016- 2019, SDN / NFV will enter the development stage, including AT & T's Domain 2.0, Vodafone, China Telecom joined hands with ONF and a number of operators to launch project landing.


Another highlight of the conference is to bring together top experts from ONF, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, ONOS, Linux Foundation, five major industry authoritative organizations, including ONF Executive Director Dan Pitt, OpneDaylight TSC Chair Colin Dixon, the Vice President of Network Strategy in Linux Foundation Marc Cohn, OPNFV BOD member Deng Hui, ONOS Ambassador Mr. David Lenrow etc., have delivered speeches at the conference. At the meeting, Dan Pitt mentioned that open source and standards play a decisive role in network innovation, after years of development, SDN has also produced many fruitful results. “OpenDaylight is honored to be participating in the Global SDN Technology Conference,” said Neela Jacques, executive director, OpenDaylight. “The growth of SDN and NFV, as well as open source in general, in the Chinese market is extraordinary. There rate at which bold innovation, initiative and leadership is emerging in the region is inspiring and OpenDaylight is pleased to be part of the community and collaborate with leading industry experts during this event."


Different from the previous conferences, this year, more and more enterprises join in the industry, the whole industry chain becomes even stronger. On the conference, Huawei, Ixia, Brocade, Fiberhome, Mellanox, Taiwan SDN / NFV Industry Alliance, Spirent, VCMY, Spruce Network, IPinfusion, Ruiiie, Sonus, Daho and other manufacturers participated in the show, and many manufacturers brought a lot of impressive equipment and new technology solutions. In addition to keynote speeches, the conference also particularly set up round-table talk, white papers release, SDNFV Fest workshop, and some special sessions about SDN controller, test solutions and academic innovation, focusing on the application deployment of SDN / NFV technology, from each key point of the industry chain, carried out multi-dimensional display and interpretation.


Of which, it is worth noting that, two weeks before the conference opening (May 16 - 20), "2016 Spring SDNFV Fest" test activity was also held, nearly 30 engineers from 14 companies participated in the test activity. In the field of global SDNFV Technical Conference, a comprehensive show of the test attivity was also implemented through SDNFV Fest ShowCase and special testing activities, a number of manufacturer representatives from Ixia, H3C, Ruijie Networks and VCMY conducted live demonstration of their related solutions, they highly restored the test site, to build a best platform for the audience to experience SDN / NFV testing at zero distance.


Just as Chairman of the Conference, BII President Liu Dong said: in 2016, SDN and NFV will enter a critical period of commercial deployment, nearly all major global carriers, cloud data centers, Internet companies are conducting research and deployment of SDN and NFV, major international organizations are also promoting the development of relevant standards and technologies, SDN / NFV will usher in a golden age. As an important part of future network, both SDN and NFV are bound to shine in a number of fields, such as high-speed broadband, 5G and Internet of things. Under common efforts by the whole industry chain, we will work together to build a more secure and reliable future network with advanced network performance, so as to benefit mankind.