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OpenDaylight Test Report Issued by Global SDN Certified Testing Center

Along with commercial deployment acceleration of Software Defined Network (SDN), the control plane core component related to network performance of the whole SDN network-SDN controller gradually becomes the concern of network users. A few days ago, BII-Global SDN Certified Testing Center (SDNCTC, www.sdnctc.com) officially issued performance test report of OpenDaylight (ODL) controller Beryllium Version. The report results showed, the rate of Flow mod increased, but the cluster’s performance is inferior to standalone’s.




This test is carried out specifically for ODL (standalone mode and cluster mode) southbound OpenFlow performance, including control channel capacity test, topology  discovery time test, PACKET OUT rate test, FLOW MOD rate test, end-to-end link establishment time test, controller cluster role distribution time test and controller cluster master/slave handover time test. Standalone mode means to test one OpenDaylight controller, while cluster mode means to test multiple OpenDaylight controllers.


Containing complete and detailed analysis results, test report of OpenDaylight Beryllium version controller provides users with accurate and reliable references. According to the test on Flow Mod rate under standalone mode and cluster mode, the highest flow rate under single point mode could reach 4000 packets/s, indicating obvious increase in the installation rate of the new edition OpenDaylight; the highest rate of FLOW_MOD under cluster mode decreased significantly compared with that under standalone mode, thus, performance of the FLOW_MOD  under cluster mode is obviously inferior to that under single pint mode.


Supported by OFsuite_Performance test tool, this test automatically generates data graph and performance test report. OFsuite_Performance is one of OFsuite series test tools independently developed by SDN Certified Testing Center and intended for performance test of OpenFlow controller. It can simulate different network topologies and all OpenFlow events and effectively balance the controller’s handling capacity of OpenFlow messages. It is easy and efficient to use and will be continuously updated so as to provide users with richer performance test cases and scenes. 


SDN Certified Testing Center (SDNCTC) has always dominated standardization of test methods for international organizations for standard such as ONF, and will publish performance test standards for international standard organizations and positively participate in establishment of test specifications, construction of test certification systems as well as research and development of test tools etc with the view to promote SDN’s technical standards and commercial deployment.  


Meanwhile, SDN Certified Testing Center will focus on the establishment of open source community with OFsuite_Performance test tool, which provides participants with an open-sourcing frameworks for various application scenarios and enable them to develop test cases applicable to self-owned scenarios and thus facilitates the promotion of SDN’s fast expansion and the realization of business objectives. 


Please log in the official website of SDN Certified Testing http://www.sdnctc.com/en/index.php/download/resource_download/id/6 for more controller test information.