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OFsuite promotes the first batch of OpenFlow v1.3 certificates

On Sept. 8, as ONF announced the release of the first batch of OpenFlow v1.3 certificates in the world officially, the global progress of SDN has been dramatically promoted. It is reported that the certification test of the first batch of OpenFlow v1.3 devices were all supported and implemented by OFsuite, the ONF official test tool.OFsuite is a testing tool that covers the full spectrum of ONF OpenFlow v1.3 conformance test  specification and that is predominantly led by BII Group-Global SDN Certified Testing Center (SDNCTC, www.sdnctc.com/en).It has been officially approved by ONF as a testing and certificating tool, enabling itself to be the first tool globally approved by ONF on 15th July 2015.


LOGO of the OFsuite


Over recent years, as SDN and network virtualization are phased in as the trending development of new network architecture. OpenFlow, as the most important technical standards of SDN, has made enormous progress and significant achievements, making it an important part of SDN architecture. OpenFlow v1.3 is the standard for commercialized deployment designated by ONF. The network device has acquired the OpenFlow v1.3 conformance certification, which not only shrinks the temporal cycle of research and development, but cements the users’ confidence, accelerates product deployment, and boosts market competitive edges, through which the end users can clearly know the very product has the latest SDN technology and that it completely meets the requirements of OpenFlow.


OFsuite is the globally first testing suite dedicated to OpenFlow v1.3, ranging through the whole scope of ONF OpenFlow v1.3 conformance test specification, and it can provide fully automatic test support to the device that is subject to the certificating of OpenFlow v1.3 conformance. Meanwhile, OFsuite has abundant features of monitoring and diagnosis, which enable the modification and upgrading of the device in the process of testing.


It is worth noting that OFsuite is independently developed and maintained by SDNCTC. As a third party and neutral SDN/NFV testing and certificating agency , SDNCTC has been playing an incessantly swelling part in ONF testing and interoperability in recent years, and has made outstanding contribution to the formulation of test standards, construction of testing and certificating system, and promotion of SDN technical standards and commercial deployment.



LOGO of OpenFlow v1.3 conformant v1.3


This March, SDNCTC officially released the OpenFlow v1.3 testing tool—OFsuite, and it gives full play to its own advantages as a third party to feedback the first-hand data from vendors to the development team of ONF testing specification, forming a closed loop connecting data and the standards, and the SDNCTC also commits itself directly to writing the standards. In the process of certificating, SDNCTC, UNH-IOL in the U.S., and the CNlabs in India carried out the cross-check of OFsuite. It is required that the same result for each test case should be concluded by all the three labs, which also verified that the testing process completely meets the testing specification of OpenFlow v1.3. OFsuite has been recognized by ONF through its outstanding performance in the process of certificating, and also has become a milestone that marks the SDN industrial development.


Mr. Li Zhen, director of SDNCTC said in an interview that OFsuite is a prelude of ONF OpenFlow v1.3 certification, which guarantees more products to obtain this certification. In the future, apart from conformance test, OFsuite will expand on performance and security test. Meanwhile, in order to promote the advancement and commercial deployment of SDN product, we are preparing to establish OFsuite Community.


SDN market has a great demand that urges vendors to commit themselves to relevant SDN R&D, and the OFsuite not only reduces the time on test, but its abundant support features support the modification and upgrading of products, which will play a bigger part in the OpenFlow v1.3 conformance certificating in the future. There will be more products certified by OpenFlow v1.3 available on the market, with the acceleration of SDN. Please visit www.sdnctc.com/en and www.opennetworking.org for more information.



Global SDN Certified Testing Center (SDNCTC)

The SDNCTC (www.sdnctc.com/en) is a third party and neutral SDN/NFV testing and certificating agency, dedicated to the technical R&D of SDN/NFV, testing and certificating, and deployment and promotion. The SDNCTC and ONF SDN/NFV international standardization organizations work together to lead the efforts of formulating standards, construction of certificating, and R&D of testing tools. And at the same time, it provides authoritative and neutral testing and certificating service, promotes the improvement of technologies and products, and safeguards the commercial deployment of SDN/NFV.


Open Networking Foundation(ONF)

It was co-founded by Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and Yahoo!.  As a fast-growing non-profit organization, ONF has already 140 plus members, with the shared commission of accelerating the deployment of open SDN. ONF promotes open SDN and the OpenFlow technical standards, and boosts the development of products, service, application, customer and user markets.