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Smart Energy Cloud Upgrades Again, Boosting the Implementation of Industry Professionally and Safely

Recently, Smart Energy Cloud (www.ioe1888.com) upgraded and modified for the first time after two months since it has been official launched in May. Based on more professional and safer service goal, Smart Energy Cloud added several functions include “open Application Program Interfaces (API)”, “data safety call mechanism” and “separate platform management”, which aims at overcoming the limitation of traditional industries development. Smart Energy Cloud will establish intellectual energy management platform and data center and promote energy industry become more economical, efficient and environmental.


Smart Energy Cloud is the first open cloud platform serving the energy industry in the background of “Internet+” policy. The platform is based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 standard and supports the access to various types of energy data like electricity, water, gas, oil, coal and heat. Smart Energy Cloud adopts leading technologies like Ipv6, SDN, Open Stack, HTML5 and big data to implement cloud storage, real-time surveillance, visualized management, data analysis, risk control, efficiency analysis and other third-party public services.


In this update, the functions of Smart Energy Cloud become more professional, safer and perfect by opening Application Program Interfaces (API), adding safe call mechanism of data, optimizing real-time and efficient distributed storage method of energy data and perfecting separate platform service system etc.


More Professional – Open Four Types of Application Program Interfaces (API), Deepen Professional Field


One main highlight of this Smart Energy Cloud update is the openness of application program interfaces (API), which roundly deepens the professionalism of every fields of the energy industry and provides specific services for platform data accesses by letting the third-party application develop from every industry “enter” the cloud platform.


Four opened APIs of this time are: Fetch (data acquisition protocol) interface, Point attribute information acquisition interface, Write (data pushing protocol) interface and project PointID list reading interface. This four APIs format can be divided into two protocol formats, Soap and Json, whose purpose is to satisfy business needs of different partners. Currently, those APIs have already support the redevelopment of energy saving management applications like building energy management, campus/area energy management and industrial energy management.


Through open APIs, Smart Energy Cloud could achieve the fast access of energy data by one key configuration of energy gateway. The flexible configuration of energy points and statistical virtual points, and customized functions like real-time monitoring, history inquiries and visualized analysis. It also provides energy data types and alarms related mechanisms outwards, configuring related information and realizes intelligent management and control of energy data.


Upper-layer application partners on Smart Energy Cloud can perform information interaction between APPs and cloud platform to simplify the acquisition of users’ and all authorized project information. Meanwhile, they also can write processed data in original database for other APPs.   


One notable thing is that in this upgrade, application manufacturers like Japan CIMX and Potevio has already taken the lead in developing the visualized demonstration application satisfying different types of data analyses by the openness of cloud platform and will provide specific applications like data analysis Apps for particular industries. This means that after the deep analysis and process of big data of cloud platform, energy information can demonstrate clients’’ energy usage overview, consumption tendency and physical data in a richer and more visual form.


Safer – Comprehensive Guarantee of Multiple Safety Mechanism


Data safety is the first consideration during the establishment and maintenance of cloud platform. On its initial stage, based on the reliability and leadership of the first international standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 of global energy Internet industry in safety, Smart Energy Cloud built the energy Internet data center of high safety standard. After this upgrade and reconstruction, the safety factor of cloud platform has upgraded again, perfected safety mechanism in different aspects of network, data, users and so forth, optimized distributed storage of energy data, and enhanced data call safety mechanism to guarantee the safe storage and stable usage of data.


After this upgrade, Smart Energy Cloud will support the real-time and efficient distributed storage of mass energy data, possess better mechanisms including backup, image, archive, dump, hierarchy storage management, disaster prevention and recovery, guaranteeing the safety, usability, reliability and extendibility of data. The cloud platform can also act as the virtual energy cloud data center with distributed storage as infrastructure. The high reliability, usability, storage efficiency and quite strong flexible extendibility provides good guarantee for cloud platform.


Besides, this upgrade strengthened the safety mechanism during the data call process. During the specific usage process of cloud platform, when the user enters “my project”, he or she can find the newly-built projects and he or she can implement operations include examining, editing and deletion its attribute, and view its details. When building the new project, the cloud platform will automatically create project key for the safety identity of project data call to ensure the safety of user data in cloud platform storage and call.


More complete – Comprehensive Upgrade of Separate Platform Service System


According to general information, Smart Energy Cloud built more complete separate platform service system during the upgrade process. Every regional separate platform and industrial separate platform will have their own sufficient virtual machine resources. They are able to automatically allocate different virtual storage space and manage the resource usage of separate platforms via OpenStack.


Furthermore, users of separate platforms can also redevelop based on the main platform, according to their own needs. Through the external management services provided by National Energy Internet Cloud Platform, set basic information of separate platforms, demonstrate the form and demonstration function of related platform APP. They can set platform identity, news information, copyright information, contact means and other contents, and meanwhile, create personal visualized application on separate platforms.


In recent years, national policies containing top design of “Internet+”, and The State Council’s Guiding Opinions on Active Promotion of “Internet+” Campaign was approved, energy Internet continually gets popular. In the feverish discussion, how to promote the development of industry implementation has always been the focus of different parties. This upgrade of Smart Energy  Cloud (www.ioe1888.com) is the practical move based on promotion of each party in the industry, and will definitely open up the whole Energy Internet industrial chain. It will start a brand new energy application mode, break information islands, realize the perfect combination between new-generation information telecommunication technology and energy, and provide new opportunities for the whole industry of energy Internet.