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Global IPv6 Summit to be held on September 7th 2015

September 7th 2015 will see the Global IPv6 Next Generation Internet Summit 2015 (hereinafter referred to as IPv6 Summit) held in the Presidential Hotel Beijing. The conference will be co-hosted by the IPv6 Forum and BII Group, under the theme of IPv6 approaching, are you ready?”which will be well attended by top-notch industrial experts both at home and abroad, hundreds of representatives from carriers across the globe, representatives of well-known vendors in the industry, experts from academic agencies, enterprise users, and many influential news outlets, who will discuss the mainstream plans and technical foci of large-scale IPv6 deployment, influence and challenges brought by IPv6 development on network security, Global Internet of Things boosted by IPv6, and other burning issues.


With the industrial consensus that IPv4 addresses are running out and IPv6 is the dominant trend, it seems that IPv6 is really approaching us. On one hand, many countries have run out of the IPv4 addresses, and hiking efforts committed by all governments to promoting next generation internet are now being made. China, for example, over recent years, has enacted Opinions on 12th Five-Year-Plan of Next Generation Internet, Opinions on Fully Implementing the Deployment of IPv6 in LTE Networks, etc. to fully boost the development of next generation internet. On the other hand, as the technology of transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is now maturing, the industrial demand has been enhanced, and the investment by carriers, vendors, etc. worldwide into IPv6 has been riding on an upward wave. Fuelled by various factors, the users of IPv6 are expanding in multiples, among which, more than 40% internet users in Belgium access internet by IPv6, and the penetration in the U.S., Germany, Peru, etc. are also increasing dramatically. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Fu Chengpeng, chief scientist with China Unicom points that IPv4 interest structure has been cast, and that it is hard to hike the speed while cut the price, which is easily possible with IPv6. It can be said that the government, carriers, vendors, and even internet users, through years of development and deployment, is ready for embracing the IPv6 era.


Supported by authoritative agencies, the summit is expecting industrial gurus in Beijing

It is learnt that the summit has received the support from IAB, ICANN, APNIC, IETF, IEEE, 5G World Alliance, ETSI, ONF, and many other authoritative agencies and organizations. At that time, Mr. Vint Cerf, Father of Internet, Mr. Latif Ladid, chair of Global IPv6 Summit, Jari Arkko, president of IETF, Andrew Sullivan, president of IAB, Ms. Zhao Huiling, director of China Cloud Computing Center, Mr. Duan Xiaodong, director of institute of network at China Mobile Institute, and Tang Xiongyan, Chief scientist with China Unicom Network Technology Institute, et al. will attend the summit and share their insights with the audience present.


Established brand through 15 consecutive sessions, significantly boosting the industry

This year marks the 15th session of the summit, which, based on the previous 14 sessions, has become the flagship conference of IPv6 next generation internet both at home and abroad, well attended by the top-notch internet experts, carriers, VIPs, and enterprises, who on the conference demonstrate their IPv6 solutions and successful applications and establish the most professional and comprehensive platform. It can said that IPv6 summit witnesses and propels the transition of IPv6 from the sprouting concept to the fruiting industry, recording their insights into the industry, and seeding the influence all over the world.


The news has it that during the IPv6 summit in 2014, the stocks of China’s next generation internet waxed by 1.29%, and that the shares of some relevant enterprises swelled by over 8%. It is on the horizon that the summit will no doubt, galvanized by its great brand influence, bring more highlights to the next generation internet to lend a favour hand in ushering in the IPv6 era.  


In-depth integration with the industry, with on-site ShowCase

According to the commission of the summit, in order to demonstrate in a full dimension the IPv6 progress to the audience, and establish a platform for industrial, academic, and research exchanges, the summit will also hold IPv6 ShowCase events, which extended invitations to the vendors that have been approved by IPv6 ready tests, for demonstrating the product, service, IPv6 and other diversified solutions. At the same time, there will be IPv6 ready real-time tests, SDN/IPv6 integration test, IPv6 Enabled quests, and IPv6 Education on-site consultancy at the venue of the summit. Whether you are the attending vendor or the audience, this is a premium opportunity for you to keep abreast of IPv6 technical status quo and the trending development, understand the current industry and find your partners.


Free admission—No charge for the audience to attend the summit

With the aim to drive IPv6 industry, the IPv6 summit will provide free tickets to all the audience that apply for the admission. No matter who you are, carriers, governments, enterprise users, hardware/software suppliers, chip manufacturers, end device suppliers, dot-coms, research institutes, universities, colleges, or investment agencies, welcome to our summit, and you will enjoy a premium industrial festival.


Refer to http://www.conference.cn/ipv6/2015/ for more summit-related information