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Global debut of SDNFV testing whitepaper with the SDN/NFV plans well focused

Recently, SDNFV ShowCase testing event jointly was successfully held by BII- Global SDN Certified Testing Center (SDNCTC) and Ixia, where the SDNFV testing and ShowCase Whitepaper was officially released. As the largest SDN/NFV testing event in Asia-Pacific region, this event, in conformity with the market trend, presses ahead northbound, and for the first time, it added the integral NFV plan testing, with the introduction of the globally first testing tool OFsuite dedicated to OpenFlow 1.3. It also extended its testing service to application vendors, open source plans, switch vendors, controller vendors and testing tool vendors, to provide all-round testing service of SDN/NFV.


Internet technology, following four decades of development, has encountered restrictions related to scalability, security, controllability and manageability. Software-based and virtualized SDN/NFV technology has come into life in answer to the trend, which attracts intensive attention and recognition from the players in the industry. Various vendors in the world have carried out their strategic deployment and launched their plans. 




This SDNFV ShowCase has attacted Accton, Huawei, H3C, Greenet, Mellanox, Pica8, Ruijie, Yunshan Networks, NSFocus, ZTE, and many other vendors that supply switches, controllers,test devices, and applications. During the week-long event, the conformance of OpenFlow1.3, SDN interoperability, the SDN performance of products, and customized NFV testing were carried out. It can be said that the SDNFV ShowCase testing not only provides a great opportunity to the vendors that attended the event for testing the interoperability of different products, and also this opportunity enbales the vendors to find and solve the problems during testing, in order to optimize the implementation and upgrade the performance.


As the SDN/NFV technologies are booming, the vendors in this event not only improved and matured the OpenFlow protocol conformance and device interoperability compared with those in the previous events, and the all the indexes of performances have been upgraded. At the same time, the overall virtualization has been embodied in real application, which enhances the public trust on the technical integration between SDN and NFV. Regarding the conformance, tested by the tool OFsuite dedicated to the conformance of OpenFlow 1.3, the switches of various vendors have seen great improvement on the passing rate of testing than the previous events. The functions of the control have been enriched and improved. The switches of many vendors can be inter-connected via network, and all of them can realize the programmable topology at the controller interface, link statistics, Layer-2 forwarding, etc, however, the VXLAN, TLS encoding, Overlay, etc. will not be realized until the functions of switches are improved. Lack of standards in eastward and westward ports between controllers have also been found in the testing, making it almost impossible for the controllers of different vendors to work in clusters.


In the stage of plan test, the plans from Huawei, Ruijie, H3C, and ZTE transfer the tasks of the conventional devices to the SDN/NFV scenario, which uses the global view of its controller and the centralized control capacity to realize tactical routing, web certificating, vBRAS, etc. Storage and WAN traffic regulation can be widely and extensively realized in enterprise networks. The integral solution indicates the natural advantages in the integration between SDN and NFV, and this also reflects the industry’s vision and understanding of the evolution into the future network.  


Li Zhen, director of SDNCTC says that in the current SDN market, the OpenFlow 1.3 protocol has become the dominant one, the interoperability of whose fundamental functions have matured, but the chips are still the bottleneck that strangulates the device availability. The interoperability of solutions based on different switching chips is only possible when the low tables are strictly limited. Meanwhile, the NFV solutions provided by some vendors, such as vBRAS and vFirewall, have enabled the virtualized functions. In the future, the SDNCTC will hold similar testing events as it does now, in hopes that more vendors could take part in it. Only by the interoperability test between different devices, can we find problems and tackle them, through concerted efforts, in order to drive the industrial development and commercial deployment of SDN/NFV.


Yang Yifeng, product manager with Ixia said at the conclusion of the event that the SDN/NFV testing tools and programs provided by Ixia have all tested in terms of functions, performance, and networking in a one-to-one manner. This is a good opportunity to understand the status quo of products of various vendors and their potential needs, in order to provide end-to-end testing solutions to the SDN/NFV products under development, and to provide a tool for test and assessment to the end users during the process of device selection and program verification. We will make further contributions to advancing the whole industry.


Zhang Jinxin, system engineer and one of the engineers that attend the testing event, said after the event, that the event provides a platform where we conducted the interoperability test between different devices and learnt many conceptions and ideas from many other vendors, and that through the exchanges with others, more cooperation are expected. It is widely known that only one or only several vendors cannot provide the whole series of solutions to all products. By way of coordination and communication with other vendors, we hit the marketing target with mutual promotion and mutual cooperation.


For more understanding of the testing event, please visit the website (http://www.sdnctc.com/public/SDNFV-EN.pdf) for the whitepaper of SDNFV testing and showcase released recently by SDNCTC.



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