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Proposal from Chinese internet community  for IANA stewardship transition

Regarding the draft proposal of transition released by CWG-Stewardship, Internet Domain Name System Beijing Engineering Research Center (ZDNS) and Beijing Internet Institute(BII), in joint efforts with Institute for Internet Policy & Law (IIPL), held a symposium of the Chinese internet community in Beijing on May 13th 2015, with the aim to discuss key issues on the draft and reach a consensus to make China heard. 



Mr. Liu Dong, President&CEO of BII


The symposium was moderated by Dr. Zhang Jianchuan, senior researcher at ZDNS, Mr. Liu Dong, President&CEO of BII group and president of Beijing Internet Institute, Xue Hong, director of IIPL, and Mr. Wang Wei, vice director and chief engineer at ZDNS addressed the conference on behalf of the hosts respectively. The representatives from the international bureau of Cyberspace Administration of China and from MIIT also provided advice. Mr. Song Zheng, director of the Beijing Cooperation Center of ICANN paid a special visit to the symposium to hear the discussion of the Chinese community. The guests present at the conference held heated discussions on IANA stewardship transition draft after they have heard the two drafts on CWG-Stewardship and CWG-Accountability by Dr. Zhang Jianchuan and Prof. Xue Hong respectively.


Prof. Ma Yan from BUPT, Dr. Cao Huaping, from Internet Society of China, Mr. Cai Xiongshan, chief researcher at Law Research Center at Tencent Research Institute, Mr. Jiang Tao, Senior Policy Expert from Ali Research, Tan Yaling, director of international affairs at Zodiac Holdings Limited, He Jia from CAICT, Zhang zhuan from CONAC, Ma Di, director ZDNS Lab, and Feng Shuo, director of international affairs at ZDNS, delivered speeches at the conference where they proposed many useful opinions on and insights into the multi-lingual draft, time framework of soliciting public comments, the relationship between ICANN and PTI, the relationship between PTI board member and ICANN board, the accountability of PTI itself, etc. Several consensuses have been reached in the symposium, which will be provided to CWG as a feedback opinion from the Chinese community. It is learnt that the slot for public comments on CWG draft is until May 20th.


The representatives present at the conference thought highly of the significance of the symposium, with a shared understanding that the Chinese community should hold more similar conferences to this one and that daily information exchanges should be enhanced to make contribution to China’s more effective engagement in formulating international rules of internet. It is learnt that this was the second time that the Chinese community proposed its opinions on IANA stewardship transition. The Chinese community made a declaration on May 6th 2014 collectively on the relinquishment of IANA stewardship by the U. S., which stirred the international internet communities and the ICANN executive body.