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China’s first cloud platform of energy internet officially launched

May 19th 2015 witnessed the official launch of the Smart Energy Cloud (www.ioe1888.com) at the China Internet of Energy Forum”. According to Mr. Liu Dong, standing vice-president of China Strategic Alliance of Smart Energy Industrial Technology Innovation and president of BII, the cloud platform is based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880, which is a smart energy management platform and datacenter, to integrate the national energy data, organize public resources, store data, conduct real-time supervision, carry out visualized management, analyze data, control risks and analyze energy efficiency.


Standing vice-president of China Strategic Alliance of Smart Energy Industrial Technology Innovation and president of BII

The Smart Energy Cloud (www.ioe1888.com) marks the first step of the inception of the internet of energy. Since its initiation on February 10th 2015, the platform has been being well underway through many difficulties, and was successfully launched with various resources, supported by the final policy and driven by concerted efforts from all sectors, within just three months. The platform will thoroughly change the ways of using energy and energy efficiency, and benefit all industries, government bodies, energy-consuming entities and individuals through real-time supervision and scientific analysis, to create more new business models and new patterns.


Regarding the industry of energy itself, the Smart Energy Cloud (www.ioe1888.com)’s biggest merit is that it can coordinate and distribute all the dispersed energy data, and then compare and analyze the data from all the energy enterprises to provide data support to the industrial development and realize the target of energy conservation and emission reduction. With regard to the companies in energy conservation, full utilization of big data through internet technology with increased efforts of energy conservation and enhanced transparency can well benefit funding and operation. When it comes to the government bodies, the platform can facilitate the supervision of energy management to boost efficiency and safeguard energy security and to provide evidence for government’s decision-making in energy management. As for a specific energy entity, the cloud platform can integrate the entity into the whole industry, and conclude clear and definite analysis from the data. The cloud platform can also exert a great influence on individual persons, each of whom can be an independent data collection, which enables himself/herself to manage his/her energy consumption faster and more efficiently. In this way we can reduce energy consumption while without compromising efficient and convenient life.

During the NPC and CPPCC, Premier Li Keqiang stated in the government work report that we should formulate Internet+ campaign plans, boost the integration between mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, IoT, etc. and modern manufacturing, to propel the healthy development of industrial internet and internet finance. Since then, the internet+ has become an instant burning issue, and will become a new propellant for Chinese economy. The new production factors of the internet+ is big data. In the era of internet of everything, the flow of data and utilization has been accelerated and big data becomes the node where new generation of IT and conventional industries converge, which will significantly drive the fast progress of industries and stack up the core competitiveness. The platform, on the basis of bid data, rooted in the industry of energy, applies the ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880 standard to uniform norms and data formats to make data recognizable and make big data effective in use.

During this China Energy Internet Forum, the Smart Energy Cloud (www.ioe1888.com) has entered into agreements in formal ceremonies with Potevio and Baosight for the auxiliary platforms respectively. By now, the cloud platform has established local auxiliary platforms respectively with 14 metropolis and provinces, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Hubei, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian, Gansu, Foshan, Guizhou, Chongqing, Liaoning, and Dalian. It is also issued sub-platforms to communication, iron and steel industries, with a datacenter of internet of energy that covers the whole country and is oriented towards many industries, which establishes an industrial chain of internet of energy through local and industrial sub-platforms.

In this era of internet of everything, internet+ applied to industries have been flooded with attention from an increasing number of people. 2015 is considered the starting year of energy internet, and society is discussing the definition of energy internet, and the ways of developing energy internet. This platform is the very concrete first step among clamorous discussions. Based on the practical experience of BII in IPv6, SDN, OpenStack, etc, the Smart Energy Cloud (www.ioe1888.com) establishes a real-time device management data platform to create new model of service. Whether it is for users, government bodies, or financial agencies, or even the whole society, it is the best platform that can maximize the benefit.