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“Smart Energy Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Union” Establishment Conference and the 1st Council are held

On the afternoon of November 14, the “Smart Energy Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Union” Establishment Conference and the 1st Council, which were jointly sponsored by the National Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Standardized Technology Union and the Zhongguancun Next Generation Internet Industry Union was held in Ariva Beijing West Hotel.。


The conference was chaired by Liu Dong, the Director-General of the Zhongguancun Next Generation Internet Industry Union. Tang Fuqiang, the Director-General of Technological Innovation Division of the Innovation Office of Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China, Yu Hong, the Chief Engineer of Beijing Municipal Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision, and Xu Jian, the Deputy Director-General of the Industrial Division of Zhongguancun Administration Committee of National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone attended the conference and made a speech. The conference was attended by over 50 people from 33 units, including the National Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Standardized Technology Union, the Zhongguancun Next Generation Internet Industry Union, China Int’l Standard Information Management Research Institute, Tsinghua University, China Telecom Corporation Limited Beijing Research Institute, Baosteel Group Baosight Software, Shandong Computer Science Center, Jinan Dalu Mechanism & Electron Co., Ltd., Potevio Institute of Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Building Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Tellhow Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd., Shandong University, Beijing Chontdo Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Intel (China), Schneider Electric, GREE, Haier Group Technology Development Center, Longdhua (Beijing) Cloud Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Institute of Standardization, Foshan Municipal Research Institute of Technology Standard, Jinanan Yinquan Science & Technology Co., Ltd., ENGQ, Zhuhai Intelligent Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd., Dandong Municipal Promotion of Regional Economic Development, Biaoxin Science & Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing OceanEco Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Casip Low-Carbon Science & Technology Co., Ltd , Tenggle Technologies Co., Ltd., Beijing Internet Institute, Zhongguancun Product Testing and Quality Certification Service Center and Zhongguancun Institute of International Standard.


According to Wang Zhongmin – the Director-General of the Union, smart energy is an emerging industry which integrates energy conservation and environmental protection with new-generation information technology; it has an enormous market and is triggering a technological and industrial revolution in China and even in the world. The energy conservation and environmental protection industry and the new-generation information technology industry have ranked No.1 and No.2 respectively among the seven major strategic emerging industries in China. The long-term inadequate supply of energy resources has become increasing severe across the world, and all countries have begun to strive for an advantageous position in the new round of global energy reform and economic and scientific competition. Smart energy has become a national strategy of all countries, and remarkable achievements have been attained in its technical standards and industrialization. But in China, few leading enterprises have been established in the current smart energy industry; many manufacturers provide vertical and closed smart energy solutions based on private standards. There is not interconnection or mutual communication among the solutions, which makes it difficult to form an industrial chain and a large industrial scale. 


As an international standard of green ICT technological innovation, the IEEE 1888 Standard is the best partner of smart energy. It is a Chinese innovative technology and is one of IEEE’s most symbolic global standards in green energy conservation and in the Internet of Things. Based on the full-IP train of thought, it transforms the energy control bus into Internet nodes and energy into Internet data. Moreover, it makes use of information communication technologies to achieve long-distance management on energy-using devices like air conditioners and lighting, energy-producing ones like solar energy and wind energy, and energy-storing ones like flow cells. Last but not least, it establishes an internet of energy and contributes to smart “production, storage and conservation of energy”.


The subsequent 1st Council of the Union was chaired by Lin Ling, the Director of Science and Technology Committee of the National Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Standardized Technology Union. All the members of the Union considered and passed the Union Membership Fee Standard and Personnel Arrangement. Through nomination and voting, 11 member units become the vice chairmen of the Union, 10 the standing council units, and 11 the council units.


On behalf of the Secretariat of the Union, Mr. Liu introduced the outline of future work of the Union. According to him, the Secretariat will vigorously promote the transformation of the IEEE 1888 international standard to Union standard. With this as the core, it will develop a smart energy open platform based on internet modes. Taking the open platform as the base, it will incorporate the traditional vertical industrial chain, provide standardized services and products in all parts of the industrial chain and spur the combination and development of Next Generation Internet and energy conservation and emission reduction. By strengthening the sharing of information, it will promote the exchange and cooperation between two different industries, boost the extensive application o f smart energy and achieve win-win collaboration. The work plans of the Secretariat were unanimously accepted by the member units of the Union. Moreover, the National Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Standardized Technology Union, Intel, Beijing Chontdo Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Haier and Foshan Municipal Research Institute of Technology Standard proposed suggestions for the work of the Union according to their business needs. The 1st Council of the Smart Energy Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Union was a great success.