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The first application and delivery product in China passes the IPv6 Ready certification


On 5 December 2013, Global IPv6 Testing Center announced that Banggoo application delivery control product of Banggoo (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd. won the IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 gold accreditation certificate issued by the international organization IPv6 Forum, with the Logo ID of 02-C-0001108. This is the first application delivery product in China that has won the IPv6 Ready Logo certification, which marks the beginning of the trend that national application delivery products support IPv6 and promote the construction of Next Generation Internet. 


The development of Next Generation Internet has brought both opportunities and challenges to enterprises. With the rapid growth in the number of and the visit to application service platforms, enterprises have had higher requirements on the stability and security of application network. Nevertheless, the weakness of the traditional network devices has increased with each passing day, which makes them unable to meet the demand of the ultimate users on the speed, security and stability of the visit to application services. Application delivery products can eliminate the loophole in this regards, for they can check, manage and intellectually distribute data that are delivered to application systems through the network. Moreover, they can have deep examination and management on data according to requests and corresponding mechanisms, which ensures the speed, security and stability of data. 


According to the analysis of relevant market statistics, the present enterprises have become increasingly dependent on sophisticated application delivery network solutions to maintain adequate IT flexibility in the current ever-changing business environment and to provide adjustable security and high serviceability and optimization on the expansible ADC platform. Most clients of the Chinese application delivery market are in such industries as finance, telecommunication and the Internet or are large- and medium-sized IT enterprises. Many of these clients rely on advanced IT technologies to support business operation and various services for clients. 


According to the official statistics released by Global IPv6 Testing Center, over 1,600 devices have passed the IPv6 Ready certification around the world, and most of them are in the field of traditional network devices. However, few application delivery products have passed the certification. With the deployment and promotion of national Next Generation Internet development, the construction of Next Generation Internet demonstration cities, and the IPv6 deployment in 22 cities before the implementation of policies, the networks and applications of the industries like finance, telecommunication, the Internet and transportation will gradually evolve into Next Generation Internet. It is predicted that there will be a leaping trend of application delivery products in the market of Next Generation Internet during the 12th “Five-Year Plan” Period (2011-2015).