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BII’s IEEE1888 gets reported in Xianxing

On 6 January 2014, a 15-paged special column about IEEE1888 was launched in Xianxing (2014, Issue 3), which showed the development of IEEE1888, the first smart energy international standard dominated by BII, from the perspective of technology and application. Meanwhile, there was a special interview with BII’s CEO Liu Dong in the column, where Mr. Liu, from the angle of a standard-making leader, introduced how BII created IEEE1888, what difficulties it overcame and how it influenced the Internet of Things by making IEEE1888 the most symbolic standard across the world.

 A magazine issued by Zhongguancun Standard Innovation Service Center, Xianxing reports the latest developments and solutions of enterprises in standardization, major projects and technological innovation, so as to provide the information about the standardization of Zhongguancun and the enterprises in the science park and help the enterprises with their publicity.