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The largest SDN ShowCase in China is put up, which is the first in the SDN industry


Global SDN and Open Network Summit (2nd) 2013 was held from 29 to 30 August 2013 in the Presidential Hotel Beijing. As an important part of the summit, SDN ShowCase was the first third-party, independent, open and multi-manufacturer display of SDN research achievements, application cases and test results in China. In the presentation zone of SDN ShowCase on the spot, there were interconnection and mutual communication presentations about all the 30 tested devices. Meanwhile, 20 SDN Demos and 12 enterprises stalls were established, with an presentation area of about 800 square meters and 10 SDN technical speeches. All these have never been seen in the SDN industry before. In the exhibited SDN application cases, the manufacturers introduced the SDN solutions and terminal applications in the deployment of enterprises. The presentation of enterprise-level SDN application will attract more SDN enterprises to participate in the development and deployment of SDN products and vigorously promote the innovation and development SDN-related applications.




The crowded spot of SDN ShowCase 

The on-the-spot SDN ShowCase consisted of a static presentation of devices, a presentation of SDN applications and research achievements and a stage interpretation of the solutions. The presentation was crowded with people and full of interaction. The posters of SDN ShowCase Demo attracted great attention from the participants, and the Demon presentation featuring pictures and texts made the concept SDN more vivid and direct. The SDN ShowCase was attended by over ten device manufacturers, including Arista, Centec, China Telecom, Cisco, DCN, DELL, H3C, HUAWEI, IBM, Ixia, Mellanox, RUIJIE, Spirent, xNet and ZTE. Dan Pitt, the Executive Chairman of the ONF (Open Networking Foundation), Ron Milford, the Joint Chairman of the ONF Testing and Interoperation Work Group, Justin Dustzadeh, the Chairman of the ONF Transfer Work Group, Jim Wanderer, the Chief Inspector of Google Platform Network Engineering, and top experts in the industry attended the event and offered guidance.
   SDN ShowCase Presentation, On-the-Spot Stage Interpretation and SDN Demo Presentation

The SDN ShowCase, which coincided with the summit, focused on five sections, namely, SDN Application in Data Center, SDN Application in Enterprise Business, SDN Application in Network Security, SDN Application in Cloud Computing and Presentation of SDN Intercommunity Business. On the spot were the presentation of SDN application solutions and SDN achievements. At the summit, Li Zhen, the Director of the SDN Testing and Certification Center of Next Generation Internet Key Technology and Assessment Beijing Municipality Engineering Research Center, released the global SDN testing and certification reports, and the test results will be submitted to the head departments of relevant industries. The SDN ShowCase is the largest SDN device test that has ever been held in China and even in the Asian-Pacific region. It will definitely promote the global SDN industry and vigorously spur the internal communication of the industry. 


Presentation of SDN Application Cases