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The ONF and China SDN Committee announces strategic cooperation to facilitate the commercial deployment of SDN in China
China SDN and Open Networking Committee will establish a long-term partnership with the ONF so as to ensure that Chinese institutions will be informed of the latest information about SDN and the OpenFlow™ protocol and to promote the application and deployment of SDN in China. 

Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a non-profit organization which is committed to accelerate the development of open software defined network (SDN). China SDN and Open Networking Commission (CSONC) is an organization that is committed to spur the development of SDN technologies in China. On 30 August 2013 in Beijing, the ONF and the CSONC will officially sign a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly boost the deployment and commercialization of SDN and the OpenFlow protocol. They will collaboratively provide the partners with industrial services and promote the development of SDN through SDN conferences, technical seminars and educational trainings. 

 The ONF and the CSONC announces strategic cooperation. (Photo) Members of the CSONC and Dan Pitt, the CEO of the ONF


“the CSONC will commit itself to the transition of the Chinese market to SDN – an innovative technology that will strengthen the management ability of enterprises, reduce enterprise cost and increase the flexibility of network,” said Bi Jun, the Executive Deputy Director of the CSONC.

“Our friendship with the ONF will bring Chinese member companies more opportunities so that they can learn about the innovation application cases of SDN and the latest version of the OpenFlow protocol and participate in the technical seminars that would assist network operators in the deployment of SDN.,” According to Zhang Xudong – the Secretary-General of the CSONC, the CSONF will focus on the overall cooperation and mutual enhancement with the ONF and reinforce the construction of the committee so that more excellent scientific researches and enterprises will join the committee and participate in international exchanges and cooperation and jointly push forwards the exchange and development of the SDN industry around the world.

The CSONC is committed to promoting the exchange of the innovative information and technologies of SDN in Chinese ICT industry. Integrating theory with practice, it discusses the development and evolution of SDN and relevant technical standards. At present, about 30 member companies, including scientific research institutions, operators, device manufacturers and large internet companies, give great support for the establishment of the CSONC. 


As a part of the partnership, the CSONC will collaborate with the ONF to popularize the application of SDN and OpenFlow in the field of Chinese terminal users and spur the research on and the development of SDN and OpenFlow in China

“The ONF and the CSONC are partners, and the cooperation between the two organizations will meet the demands of network terminal users,” said the ONF’s CEO Dan Pitt. “We are committed to the popularization and application of SDN and the OpenFlow protocol in China so that the talented and passionate enterprises and engineers in China will be able to create greater wealth through SDN.” As the manger of the OpenFlow standards, the ONF provides the most foundational standard basis for SDN and prmote the implementation and deployment of OpenFlow-based SDN through making standards, frameworks and transfer strategies and holding prototype presentations, mutual operation experiments and swapping test conferences.

About Open Networking Foundation (ONF)

Commonly sponsored by Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Yahoo! in 2011, Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is an ever-increasing non-profit organization. At present, it includes over 100 members who are committed to increase the acceptance of the open SDN and the OpenFlow protocol. Apart from improving the technologies and standards of SDN and OpenFlow, the ONF will develop a vigorous market for products, services, applications, clients and users. For more information, please visit the official website of the ONF: http://www.opennetworking.org

About China SDN and Open Networking Commission (CSONC)

In 2012, China SDN and Open Networking Commission was established and its members includes scientific research institutions, operators, device manufacturers and large internet companies. With an extensive industrial chain and an combination of enterprises, universities, research institutions, it concentrates on the exchange of SDN information and technologies in Chinese IT industry, integrates theory with practice, explores the development and evolution of relevant technical standards and thus promotes the development of future network technologies. For more information about the CSONC, please visit the website:http://www.chinasdn.org

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