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China SDN Committee holds its first salon

The afternoon of 6 June 2013 witnessed the first salon of China SDN and Open Networking Committee in Beijing. All members of the committee were present at the salon. The salon was hosted by Professor Bi Jun of Tsinghua University who is also Executive Deputy Director of the committee. Profesor Bi gave a general introduction of the specialized committee and the agenda of the activity. After that, representatives from all member companies addressed the meeting.

Mr. Liu Dong, the Deputy Director of the Committee as well as president of BII, introduced his meetings with Dan Pitt, the CEO of the ONF, in Japan. He said that the ONF showed great interest in long-term cooperation with the committee, and the committee will further advance SND’s development and deployment at home and abroad. Secretariat of the committee also gave an introduction of all previous SDN meetings and China SDN Open Networking Summit 2013 which has been strongly supported by ONF. Besides, Mr. Li Zhen from IPv6 global test center, Mr. Luo Min, chief architect of HUAWEI also made speeches, introducing the show case taken place at the same time with SDN summit in August as well as the testing results from ONF PlugFest and China Mobile. Mr. Li Haiping, Dell’s network General Manager for Greater China, also made a speech on SDN’s commmerical application in CCTV.

During the salon, www.chinasdn.org was made the official website of the committee through heated discussion among all members. The long-term communication mechanism of the Secretariat was also tentatively established. This salon also attracted some companies which were not members of the committee. Companies like 6Wind and Maipu sent representatives to the salon where they expressed their desire to join the SDN specialized committee and shared their views with the committee members in the free discussion session. They raised many advises including specific solution to the application of SDN technology and the development of new media. They also voiced their high expectation of the coming China SDN and Open Networking Summit 2013


The success of the first salon of China SDN and Open Networking Committee promotes the sound development of the committee as well as the application of SDN and open networking technologies in China. It serves as a good beginning to the success of China SDN and Open Networking Summit 2013.

China SDN and open network specialized committee was established on Dec. 7, 2012. It now has 14 member companies including Tsinghua University, BII, Huawei, ZTE, Digital China, Red-Giant, Centec, H3C, Tencent, Zhejiang University, Beijing Institute of China Telecom, Wuhan GreeNet Information Service and Beijing University etc. With the rapid development of SDN technology today, the committee has been committed to promoting the exchange of SDN information technology among China’s IT industry as well as putting theory into practice. By studying the development of relevant technical standards, the committee helps the advancement of next-generation internet key technology.