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Chinese websites and application IPv6 support testing and monitoring platform is launched on the “IPv6 Day”

Chinese websites and application IPv6 support testing and monitoring platform is launched on the “IPv6 Day”

On 6 June 2013, the Conference of Promoting the Commercial Application of Next Generation Internet, which was sponsored by the Expert Committee of CNGI, was held in the Building FTT at Tsinghua University. At the conference, domestic internet enterprises, operators, scientific research units, universities, and operation and maintenance institutions gathered to present the latest achievements in promoting the commercial application of IPv6 Next Generation Internet and discuss relevant researches. BII attended the conference as a leading role in the IPv6 industry, and Dr. Song Jianlin, the IPv6 Technical Chief Inspector of BII, made a speech at the conference.

        Dr. Song Jianlin, the IPv6 Technical Chief Inspector of BII, made a speech at the conference


In his speech, Dr. Song said that the commercial deployment and popularization of IPv6 was closely related to the evaluation and inspection on Chinese IPv6 networks/websites, the total number of IPv6 users and the assessment on key technologies. In comparison with the mature global IPv6 commercial deployment and monitoring platforms in foreign countries, China is still at the initial stage in this aspect. As a leading IPv6 enterprise, BII collaborated with others like China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MIIT to build the first website IPv6 support evaluation system, sparing no efforts to create a website IPv6 testing and monitoring platform and to promote the commercial application of Next Generation Internet in China

The establishment of the system is a specific measure to implement the “Opinion on the 12th ‘Five-Year Plan’ about the Development of Next Generation Internet” as well as an important step to support the “2012 Special Project of Next Generation Internet Technological Development, Industrialization and Large-Scale Commercial Application” and to accelerate the commercial application of Next Generation Internet. The evaluation system and the testing platform will offer necessary technical support and demonstration methods, thus providing strong evidence for the government to make decisions about the development of Next Generation Internet. As a sub-project of the national CNGI project “Website IPv6 Support Test”, the platform has by far achieved remarkable results in the mid-term acceptance tests on the IPv6 reform of 16 CNGI websites. In the speech, Dr. Song also introduced to the participants the new IPv6-based network environment and the new IPv6-based application open innovation points, adding that there were potential business opportunities in the mobile internets, the virtualized data centers and the end-to-end communication operators.

On the spot, the representatives of BII displayed the monitoring results of the website and application IPv6 support monitoring platform. According to what was displayed, the platform had monitored the IPv6 support and analytical ability of governmental educational and commercial websites, as well as the foreign ones with such domain names as DNS, MAIL and HTTP. Judging from the monitoring results, Chinese and foreign websites have begun to support IPv6 visit, and the commercial deployment of IPv6 is on the upward way. Meanwhile, the representatives made website testing reports on the spot and presented the testing results, including the basic analytical test, the domain name assignment test, the link resource test and the transition solution test. Moreover, the platform created testing charts, such as the ones about the duration for domain name analysis and TCP link establishment, so that the participants could have a more direct impression. It is introduced that the platform will be able to monitor the number of IPv6 users and that the IPv6 support testing platform will be gradually improved.


Chinese websites and application IPv6 support testing and monitoring platform is launched on the “IPv6 Day”


According to the display, the website and application IPv6 support monitoring platform will continue to monitor IPv6 support, set standards for the IPv6 industry and establish a beneficial monitoring system. Furthermore, it will complete the overall IPv6 deployment of commercial and governmental websites and promote the assignment and analysis of domain names, so that all the websites at home will be able to fully support the IPv6 visit. As one of the units that implement the project, BII will gradually improve its monitoring system and enhance its testing and supervision so as to build a favorable platform for the full commercial deployment of IPv6.


As an authoritative institution in the IPv6 industry, BII’s Global IPv6 Testing Center will commit itself to deploying and promoting the commercial application of IPv6 and strive to improve the monitoring and evaluation system of IPv6 application. Plus, it will continue to cooperate and exchange with governmental institutions and enterprises, increase its investment in IPv6 projects and serve as a key part in the effective operation of the IPv6 industrial chain. BII will spur the commercial application of Next Generation Internet and strive for the full deployment of Next Generation Internet, so as to push forward the sound and orderly development of Chinese Next Generation Internet.