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Leaders from Foreign Affair Office of Beijing Municipality and Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area have a field investigation in BII

On April 19 2013, Tian Yan, the Associate Director of Foreign Affair Office of Beijing Municipality, Zhao Xinxin, the Associate Director of the Management Committee of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, and Wang Min, the Director Assistant of Foreign Affair Office of Beijing Municipality, had a field investigation into the international cooperation projects, the settlement of international organizations, and the development and orientation of relevant international business of BII.  


In the investigation, Mr. Tian spoke highly of BII’s performance in the international projects and expressed his hope that BII would continue to march on the international path and create more international cooperation projects in the high-new technological industry. Mr. Zhao said that the projects about the settlement of international organizations were of great significance and that the Development Area would continue to offer vigorous support to push forward the projects.