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BII’s CEO Liu Dong Meets ICANN’s President Fadi Chehadé and IPv6 Forum’s Chairman Latif Ladid


In April, a month indicating a strong sense of spring in Beijing, the 12th Global IPv6 Summit was held, where the Chairman of the Summit and BII’s CEO Liu Dong had an official meeting with ICANN’s Chairman Fadi Chehadé and IPv6 Forum’s Chairman Latif Ladid. 


In the meeting, the two chairmen spoke highly of the achievements China had accomplished in IPv6 application and deployment and of the role of BII had played in promoting the commercial application of China’s Next Generation Internet and international cooperation. Moreover, Mr. Liu Dong and the two chairmen shared their opinions on the extension of global internet root servers brought by the development of IPv6, the distribution of internet address resources, and the integration of ICANN into regional development. Positive results were attained in their discussion. The meeting was also attended by BII’s Dr. Song Jianlin and ICANN’s Chairman Assistant Andrew.