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Global IPv6 Testing Center fully advances CERNET2

In the plan of the 2nd Chinese Education and Research Network (CERNET2) – the core network of Chinese Next Generation Internet (CNGI) Demonstration Project, Global IPv6 Testing Center will provide IPv6 Enabled testing and certification services for over 100 famous universities, including TsinghuaUniversity, PekingUniversity, ShanghaiJiaoTongUniversity and TongjiUniversity. According to the data released by Global IPv6 Testing Center, there had been totally 1,978 websites had passed the Global IPv6 Forum Enabled www Logo certification test by December 26 2012. Of these websites, 577 are located in Mainland China, which makes it rank NO.1 across the world and outnumber NO.2 by over two times. Of the 577 websites, 525 are educational ones, which accounts for 90.99% of the total number of the certified websites. 


According to Li Zhen, the Director of Global IPv6 Testing Center, both IPv6 Enabled and IPv6 Ready are the certification projects of the Center. IPv6 Ready focuses on the certification of network service while IPv6 Enabled concentrates on the certification of network devices.  Committed to promoting the application deployment of IPV6 technologies, Global IPv6 Testing Center encourages website and network service suppliers to deploy IPv6 through effective IPv6 application demonstration and offer them IPv6 testing services. 


CERNET2 is an essential component of CNGI core network as well as the largest wholly IPv6 national backbone network in the world. It links the CERNET2 core nodes in over 20 major cities nationwide and more than 200 famous universities in China can have a speedy access to it. Meanwhile, it provides the conditions for the proximity access of other domestic scientific academies and research institutions and builds a high-speed connection with other domestic Next Generation internets and international Next Generation internets through theNext Generation Internet Exchange Center, thus creating an important environment for Chinese researches on Next Generation Internet and its application. 


Over a decade ago, CERNET established the first IPv4 national backbone network in China, which marked the beginning of Chinese Internet development. At present, CERNET2 has begun to accelerate the overall development of Chinese Next Generation Internet IPv6 and will support the application of a brand-new and richer Next Generation Internet, including grid computing, high definition TV, highly interactive point-to-point video and audio comprehensive communication, smart transportation, environmental earthquake monitoring, long-distance medical care, and long-distance education. As the largest and the most technologically advanced IPv6 testing center across the world, Global IPv6 Testing Center will, on the strengthen of its mastery of frontier technologies and its strong research ability, help CERNET2 maintain the normal operation of relevant IPv6 website services.