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China SDN and Open Network Committee is established

On 6 December 2012, the China SDN and Open Network Committee was established! With scientific research institutions, operations, device suppliers and large internet companies as its members, the Committee has an extensive industrial chain and is a combination of enterprises, universities and research institutions.


At the China SDN and Open Network Summit 2012 that day, the Committee held the opening ceremony, which was attended by twelve units, namely, Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Internet Institute, China Telecom Corporation Limited Beijing Research Institute, Tencent, Huawei, ZTE, Digital China, H3C, Centecnetwork, Greenet and Ruijie Network. Apart from undertaking SDN information and technology exchanges in Chinese IT industry, the Committee will incorporate theory with practice and explore the development of relevant technical standards and thus push forward network technologies in the future.


According to the China SDN and Open Network Summit 2012, SDN-related technologies have attracted great attention from Chinese government and industrial function departments, and relevant units have initiated special state-sponsored plans. Meanwhile, such scientific and technological parks like Zhongguancun have collaborated with relevant forces to achieve remarkable accomplishments in the research on and the industrialization of key technologies. The member units of the Committee expressed on the spot that they would have in-depth discussions on practical problems about SDN, share high-new technologies, accelerate independent innovation and create application achievements under the tremendous support of relevant administrations and commissions. Additionally, it is learned from the Secretariat of the Committee that a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises applied for a membership of the Committee on the spot. It is predicted that the number of the member units of the Committee, including the foreign observation member units, will have been over 40 by the end of the year. Under the organization and leadership of the Committee, Chinese SDN industry will proceed with steady paces.