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BII holds the seminar about the scientific research achievements of the Next Generation Internet Testing Service Center

 Zhongguancun Open Lab is a task that Zhongguancun Science Park places emphasis on to make full use of the high-tech innovation and resource clusters, promote the combination of enterprises, universities and research institutions, and fulfill the strategic objective of transforming scientific achievements into practical productivity. The Lab is subordinate to BII’s Global IPv6 Testing Center. On 16 October 2012, BII held the joint seminar about the scientific research achievements of the Next Generation Internet Testing Service Center, which was attended and chaired by BII’s CEO Liu Dong. Among the participants was Zhe Xiduo, the CEO of Zhongguancun Sci-Tech Software Co., Ltd. and the construction manager of Zhongguancun Open Lab Office.


The seminar was held to promote the implementation of the technological achievement and service projects in the network testing, information security, and network deployment and commercial application of Next Generation Internet in excellent enterprises, whereupon enhancing the relationship between the enterprises in the Zhongguancun Science Park and the Zhongguancun Open Lab in terms of technological achievement and service, research cooperation and technological development.


The seminar was attended by about 20 excellent enterprises, such as Xiaomi Science and Technology, Starnet Ruijie, BORQS, Jiangmin Science and Technology, ZhongChuang Telecom Test, Telestone Technologies, TOPSEC, China Capitek and KEESAIL. At the seminar, the participants actively expressed their ideas, and Mr. Zhu gave a detailed description of the Lab’s service policies for enterprises and showed great patience in answering the participants’ questions about the project cooperation among enterprises, universities and research institutions. Relevant leaders from BII also had a deep exchange on the situation of Next Generation Internet IPv6 industry as well as the cooperation and demand of the industry cooperation. The seminar not only informed more enterprises of BII’s IPv6 international testing and certification but also the market competitiveness and brand influence of BII’s IPv6 products and solutions in general. Therefore, BII has taken an advantageous opportunity in the construction of Next Generation Internet and operator networks.