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BII’s CEO Liu Dong chairs the seminar for the IEEE1888 sub-standard work group

From 20 to 24 September 2012, the IEEE1888.1 Sub-Standard Technology Seminar was held in Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing and was chaired by BII’s CEO Liu Dong. The attendees included the University of Tokyo, Cisco, China Telecom, BII, CERUSOFT, RAISECOM and Lucent. 


 At the seminar, the participants had detailed discussions on the entire framework, design outline and key technology points of the IEEE1888.1 and then reached a draft that was agreed by all the members of the work group and was to be submitted with IEEE1888.3 in mid October. The 1888 system operation and management sub-standard formed at the seminar will provide great support for the work involving large-scale deployment, industrialization, operation, maintenance and management.