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Liu Dong becomes the Member of IEEE-SA Board of Governors

On November 23rd 2015, the IEEE Board of Directors (BOD) witnessed the official appointment of Liu Dong, President & CEO of Beijing Internet Institute, President & CEO of BII Group, and chair of IEEE 1888 Working Group, a member of the BOG (2016-2017) of IEEE-SA, which marks an important breakthrough in China’s leadership in international standardization organizations, where he is the first board member from China in history. With his official start in the membership in IEEE-SA board.


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Liu Dong, Member of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors, President & CEO of Beijing Internet Institute, President & CEO of BII Group


IEEE is the globally best-renowned and largest non-profit multinational organization of standardization and academics in electronics, electrics, computer, communication, and automation engineering, extending into 160 countries networking with 420 thousand members, and it is the most important innovation-driving force in information technology. The standards formulated by IEEE range from information technology, communication and electrics to energy, and has become the core source of the standards in emerging realms, especially the international standards for internet+. At present, IEEE-SA has formulated over 900 international standards currently in effect, such as widely known IEEE 802 wired and wireless network communication standards. Meanwhile, there are over 400 standards such as the ones related to smart power grids in the pipeline.


Liu Dong is long dedicated to promotion and research of internet fundamental technologies, such as IPv6, SDN, DNS root server system, and internet of energy. Throughout years, the BII Group, led by Liu Dong, is active in international standardization, and engage itself in the extensive cooperation and exchanges with IEEE, ISO, IEC and IETF and other international standardization organizations, which has enabled it to create new standard systems and norms in many fields, and even lead the efforts in formulating the globally first internet of energy standards—ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880. In addition, Liu Dong is also actively promoting industrialization of standards, makes contribution to testing, certificating and commercial deployment, and propels the standards to be put into practice and the synergetic innovation of commercial models.


Nowadays, the world economic globalization is deepened, with the increasing role played by international organizations, the influence over which has become a significant symbol to represent the strength and status of great powers in the world. Liu Dong’s appointment as the first Chinese board member of IEEE-SA reflects the full recognition by global organizations of China’s strength in standardization, which plays an important part in driving China’s international standardization strategy.